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Monika Valkūnaitė started playing saxophone quite late, but because of her determination and diligence she entered the Lithuanian Theatre and Music Academy in 2001. After finishing saxophone studies with senior lecturer Petras Vysniauskas and achieving BA diploma, Monika decided to seek further musical studies in Italy.

While continuing jazz saxophone studies at „A. Steffani“ conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto she has learned to speak italian, has expanded cultural understanding of Southern Europe and got seriously involved in musical theatre studies.


· Intensive singing course at a summer-school of Guildford School of Acting (GSA) 2010, UK

· Private school of musical theatre “Scuola d’Arte”, 2009-2010, Vedelago (TV) Italy (teachers: Alberta Izzo & Davide Calabrese)

· Summer school “Professione Musical Parma”, 2009, Salsomaggiore (PR), Italy (teachers: Chiara Cattaneo & Vivien Noakes)

· I° level diploma in jazz saxophone and opera singing as a complimentary instrument at a conservatory “A. Steffani” of Castelfranco Veneto (TV) Italy, 2007-2010 (teachers: Gianluca Carollo & Antonio Juvarra)

· Private singing courses, 2007, Vilnius (Lithuania) (teacher: Brigita Bublyte)

· BA diploma in jazz saxophone at Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, faculty of instrumental and vocal music, 2002-2006, Vilnius (Lithuania) (teacher: Petras Vysniauskas) Folk Group boasts a long history. The Group was founded in 1968. Young people studying various subjects - philology, physics, medicine, biology, mathematics, etc., take part in these activities. Many of them come from cities, but others tell tales and legends in their local dialects during performances. At present, there are 30 people in this Folk Group.

Songs, dances, and rounds are learned from folklore collections and from compatriots met during annual folklore expeditions.

One can listen to ancient music instruments such as ragai (horns), daudytė, skudučiai (pan-pipes) and kanklės (a type of nine or five-stringed zither). A special part of their program is formed by the archaic Lithuanian folklore genre of polyphonic harmonious singing the “sutartinė”.

In 1980, their first record was made, entitled “Lietuva - dainų kraštas” (“Lithuania Country of Songs”). A second release was recorded in 1987. In 1990, an audiocassette was made.

Vilnius University Folk Group Ratilio gives performances during national or University events, and visits different towns of Lithuania. Performances have been held in Italy, the USA, Canada, Latvia, Poland, France, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany.

Early Music and Dance Group

The ensemble of the early music and dance was founded in 1985. Jūratė Mikiškaitė- Vičienė is the art director and director of musicians of the ensemble and Virginija Jašinskienė is the director of dancers.
It was the first ensemble of early music and dance in Lithuania and it's priorities are the heritage of Renaissaince musical culture of the Great Duchy of Lithuania and Western Europe. The ensemble participated in numerous festivals and musical projects, went on tours to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Russia, Hungary and other countries. Joint programmes were produced with an Estonian ensemble of early music „Hortus Musicus" , a folk music group „Sedula", a choir for chamber music „Brevis" and ensemble of early music "Giesmių Tarnai" („Servants of Chants"). Music of the Renaissaince period - the end of the XVth up to the beginning of the XVIIth centuries, and dances from Italy, England and France prevail in the repertoire of the ensemble. Careful studies of gestures, manners and fashion help to create the authentic atmosphere of bygone centuries.

The activity of the ensemble should be reckoned from the date of the first premiere and it was on the 28th of February 1986, when a programme "Echoes of Bygone Centuries" was presented in Trakai Palace of Culture with singers G. Skerytė and A. Janutas participating.

Lithuanian Television created seven more noticeable works based on BANCHETTO MUSICALE programmes: "Renaissaince Music Concert" filmed in various places of the Old Town of Vilnius and in the Medininkai Castle, a studio-recorded concert "A Musical Ball", a musical film "A Day in Castle", shot in the Trakai Castle and its surroundings, and two parts for series „Echoes of Palace Majesty" and „Visions and Reality" each. Those were dedicated to the programme „The Ball of the 15th century" and to commemorate the 400 years jubilee of Bona Sforza.


Middle ages
Early renaissance (XV century)
Late renaissance (XVI century)
"Pages from the History of the Dance"

subtilu_logoFor an instant your life can become transparent as a crystal and dense as a fog, short as a sigh and long as alarm, familiar and tempting as a children's subtilupath and alien as treachery, fragrant as morning coffee and cold as separation… For an instant you will not belong to yourselves any more. As fingers slide on accordion keys, as lips touch a neck of birbyne, as the echo groans and shouts in the open spaces of a drum, so our music will touch you, so gentle and tender till the goose bumps, so painfully exciting your heart, nostalgically from the past and with hope of the future. As the sea touches coast, as the wind touches sand.

Subtilu-Z – it’s us: Dmitrijs Mihailovs, Povilas Velikis, Laurynas Vaitkus and Vytautas Svazas.
Subtilu-Z – it is two accordions, birbyne and percussion. It is classics, jazz, modern style and improvisation.
Subtilu-Z – it is constant search, creativity, composition. It is an incessant way into you. Slenderly, and from all our hearts.







It is not accidental if folks are surprised when they see 'Electric Ladies' on the stage. Most people find it hard to believe that these three gorgeous temperamental violinists are true born Lithuanian girls. As concerns the performance of these professional violinists, everything from start to finish is thought over – girls thoroughly select songs for the repertoire of the concert and arrange them by themselves, also there is special attention paid to their image.

As there are many costumes in their wardrobe, these girls with the help of specialists are able to transform into real electric nymphs as well as into elegant ladies.
The girls have included into their repertoire compositions which have already become classics of such music superstars as Sting, Joe Cocker, Martin Solveiga, Merlin Menson, Michael Jackson, Prince, Bomfunk MC’S. Also girls create modern creations themselves. With the help of special effects the electric violins in their hands become into the fuzz guitar, mandolin or other instruments. And all this together is supplemented by the heat pulsing expression and special choreography.

'Electric Ladies' girls consider that their debut took place at the prestigious music awards “Bravo 2006” which was followed by the appreciation of both general audience and musicians. However, it was only the start. Afterwards, the band, which is produced by the company 'Promostar', has arranged number of concerts not only in Lithuania but also in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Greece, France, Algeria, and Spain.

Band, which is produced by the company 'Promostar', the fans of "Electric ladies" can be entertained with one hour lasting program.

Average age of sexy 'Electric Ladies' girls is 24 years. Past few years, all of them have studied violin at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Glorifying Lithuania’s name, the girls are winning international violin competitions for a while, besides all of them are members of famous orchestras.

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Vilnius is a great place for pleasant strolls. It is green, full of cultural diversity and cozily compact. So compact, that in just a few dozen steps from the gallery, you find yourself in a park, followed by a baroque church, and off to the castle after a cup at the local cafe. Thus, in a short time you get to not just see, but also hear, touch, taste and tune into the soul of the city.

Is it just us, or are you already planning a weekend trip?

Get to know Vilnius from within.

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