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Pakruojo dvaras02Pakruojis manor is located in the northern part of Lithuania - in Pakruojis, famuos for its dolomite mines, ancient brewery traditions, noblemen cuisine and distinctive stories. Most of the Lithuanians know manor suroundings from the legendary hikes of Tadas Blinda. Pakruojis Manos, built in the Classical style, is the largest complex of manor buildings in Lithuania to have survived to the present day, and it is listed in the Lithuanian Cultural Heritage Regoster and the Lithianian Record Book as the largest protected manor homestead. Pakruojis Manor homestead ensemble differs from other Lithuanian manorsin its stylistic approach. Expression of stylistic forms and harmony is typical to buildings of the economy and representational part os manor, surrounded by century - old valuable Park. Pakruojis Manor homestead is the ensemble of bright axial cmposition, buildings consist o four groups; central - representative, two economic and industrial.

Pakruojis Manor has been first mentioned in written sources in 1531. The establisher and the first owner of teh manor was the steward of Rietavas M. Vakavicius. Later, the manor was ruled by V. Martinavicius, A. Koleckis, S. Juskevicius, the noblemen Zabielos, the Munsters. When Wilhelm von der Ropp married the countless Alexandra Munster in 1786, the manor as a dowry became the property of von der Ropp family.

The first manor buildings were wooden. Masonry ensemble of the manor palace was built in 1817- 1840 from local building materials. Manor was developed until 1890.

After the war, the Soviet economy was founded in Pakruojis estate. The manor palace was renovated in 1959. There was an agricultural technical schoo until 1979, later - an agricultural personnel training school.

Tadas Blinda

Tadas Blinda is best known as "a robber", "a leveller", he is called Lithuanian Robin Hood. Pakruojis Manor is related with this character because the famous scene of his beating was filmed at the square near the farm building. Those, who are interested in Tadas Blinda and his hikes, are welcome at the restaurant Trakterius where you could find even real moustache of Tdas Blinda!

Entertainment4 380 Pakruojodvaras04.j

Pakruojis Manor offers you a bid variety of entertainment activities:

  • Manor brewery;
  • Ancient crafts;
  • Costume room;
  • Tours;
  • Perfumery;
  • Horses and riding;
  • Manor movie theatre;
  • Manor farm;
  • Museum of Punishment;
  • Granary theatre;
  • Bicycles;
  • Boats.

Also, there you can choose an educational program, enjoy SPA and bathhouse service, dwell in Pakruojis Manor hoter, visit restaurant and get a special offer.


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Half-day tour to Trakai

Trakai (4 hours tour) is one of the oldest Grand Duchy of Lithuania residence and capitals. Trakai is the second capital of Lithuania.

Tour to Kernave

Kernave village (4 hours tour) located on the banks of the river Neris (35 km from Vilnius) has been known as the capital of Lithuania before Trakai and Vilnius. 

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