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Lithuanian designers

One of the main reasons why I have created Eyes Mast was the will to help women on the most horrifying part of the day - the what to wear moment!
This is why I decided that I will not only inspire You by showing my style tips, but I will be helping You in person!

So if You want to change Your wardrobe, pick an outfit to some event or gather different styles for vacation for any season, consult or just have a personal consultation You can contact me or book me on Facebook or email.

Gabija Varnaite

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Designer Julija Žilėnienė creates unique clothes, clothing collections, accessories, elements of interior decor and interiors. During eighteen years of creation she presented over thirty fashion collections. The elite of culture, business and politics belong to the circle of her constant clients and admirers (the first ladies of Lithuania are among them). In 1998 Julija opened the Julija Žilėnienė Fashion House, which now is in the old town of Vilnius, and in 2004 a fashionable gift gallery called “Aukso avis” (“Golden Sheep”).

A tender but unrestrained growth is a good metaphor to describe the work and creation of Julija Žilėnienė. Not only the circle of clients and interests is constantly growing, expanding the creation fields and possibilities. Each piece unfolds, pulsates and grows creating the aura of optimism, vital charm and natural coziness around it. A dress or a candlestick, earrings or an interior eventually merge to one creation growing on the earth of feelings, intuition and life experience.


Visiting the Fashion House You can

Choose your favourite dresses from the new collections, choose acessorries or unique designer jewelry.
Meet the designer for a private consultation about your wardrobe compatibility or the aesthetic matters of your home environment.
Order special and exclusive clothes for your needs or desire.

juozasJuozas Statkevicius is the most prominent Lithuanian fashion designer, well-known far beyond the borders of the Baltic States. In fact, he is the first designer from the Baltics to present his haute couture collections in Paris (in 2001 and 2002) and the first Lithuanian who has made appearance on glossy pages of Elle and Vogue fashion magazines. Statkevicius designs are available in New York, London and Tokyo and such stars as Bjork, Kyra Sadgwick and Naomi Watts wear them. The designer, who recently celebrated his 40th birthday, considers that fashion exists for one single reason - the love towards a woman, and his creative style is a perfect manifestation of that. His designs are like exquisite dreams, acted out in garments, with every elaborate and evocative detail telling its own story. The Statkevicius fashion house in Vilnius is a destination in itself and provides a perfect background for his designs. Like a frame, captured from a 1940s Hollywood movie, it makes us forget the reality of the 21st century for a while... "The most dreadful is not to have a single dream, that's the end then," says the fashion designer who is renowned for his theatre costumes, too, featured on numerous scenes around the world.

Elegance, confidence and cosmopolitism characterize the style of the young, yet internationally renowned Lithuanian designer, Ramune Piekautaite. Her garments are so comfortable to wear that are frequently referred to as a second skin. They are functional yet refined with lots of handwork in finishing, adding an exquisite personal touch. Elegant and clean lines are embodied in the décor of her boutique as well.

Didzioji 20 , Vilnius



Ramune Piekautaite is a young dynamic designer from Lithuania. Her extremely personalized vision of fashion is anticonformist and cosmopolitan and represents almost karma for whoever wears it. All collections expresses discrete but decisive femininity. It is a metropolitan elegance, never too showy or self assertive, perfect for the new type of woman in this century.

This philosophy has attracted many clients of RP - career women from the New Europe who are strong, free and breathing with sexuality. The clients of RP are the bourgeois having good taste and a non-conformist attitude, the representatives of the golden generation who build the country's welfare by means of their education and cosmopolitan views. RP has wisely mixed a concept of clothes as a background or spiritual comfort with a demand of new elite representatives to distinguish themselves by an elegant, however non-blatant fashion. RP always remains devoted to herself and creates a consistent style of a modest luxury and a wild aristocracy.

In RP world, effectiveness comes via simplicity. Authenticity breathes with Lithuanian spirit. Sophistication lingers just as you open the door of RP fashion house. Style codes of RP are understandable in any modern country having a concept of "elegancy". This is an elegancy export with a savour of an ethnic Lithuanian beach and a quality stamp.



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