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Vilnius, Lithuania’s St John’s Street (or Šv. Jono gatvė) as shown on the HD webcam Vilnius is lined with trees, cobblestones and quaint houses and church walls. There is a buzz of pedestrians, even in winter when the trees seem cold and lonely in winter, but wonderfully leafy in summer as seen on Vilnius live cam. Part of the Old Town of Vilnius, it is the home of the Church of St John’s, one of the many wonderful sites to visit in Vilnius. Šv. Jono gatvė leads from Old Town to New Town.
The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society was established in 1940 as State Philharmonic of the Lithuanian SSR and after the collapse of the Soviet union became a designated national cultural institution. In the XVI century, before the Philharmonic was established, there was an indoor market, which was partially demolished at the end of XIX century. Afterwards, the building was reconstructed and repurposed countless times. Over the years, the building was re-purposed countless times – it was used as a theater and concert hall, lecture hall and a governmental building. Nowadays, the Philharmony is the largest concert organisation in Lithuania, which holds the status of the national cultural institution since 1998. The Philharmonic Society act as a main organizer of countless music events and concert cycles Vilnius, such as the Vilnius Festival, as well as outside Vilnius, including the Nakties Serenados (Night Serenades) in Palanga, and the Kuršių Nerija in Neringa. The Philharmonic Society works with the most renowned Lithuanian national musical collectives and orchestras. The building of the Philharmonic Society is situated in the center of the Old Town, with the concerts usually held in the Concert Hall and Chamber Hall.
There’s no doubt that Vilnius is one of the most beautiful cities of all the Baltic region. It’s largely due to the rich history of Lithuania, which has left its mark on the city’s architecture. The Old Town has a variety of architectural styles such as gothic, classicism, baroque and modern, which, surely, attracts a huge amount of tourists. One of these examples is the Hales Market, which can be seen on the webcam. Having been opened in 1906 and constructed by a renowned Lithuanian architect Vaclav Mihnevich, it is still the biggest market in Vilnius and one of the most popular trade centers in the Old Town. Upon visiting the market, one can purchase several kinds of smoked and fresh meat, fruit, vegetables and other food and everyday products.
Kaunas is a city to the west of Vilnius, between Neris and Nemunas rivers, with a small, but beautiful and authentic old town, fascinating and deep history and a large amount of museums and art galleries. Being a town with a large student population, Kaunas is always robust and full of energy. St. Michael the Archangel's Church, also known as the Garrison Church, is a Roman-Catholic church in Kaunas, Lithuania, which connects to the Laisves Aleja.
The Gothic-styled Trakai castle was an important military and political center of Lithuania and was the starting point of Lithuanian statehood history. Back in the day, the Trakai castle was the capital of Lithuania and the house of the Lithuanian Grand Dukes. Many legends, stories and events are related with this castle. The place is situated in the west of Vilnius – surrounded by forests, lakes and hills. This pride of Lithuania is the only castle in Eastern Europe built on an island Nowadays, the place is popular both with the tourists and the locals, who seek refuge from the city life and just want to walk around the beautiful parks, appreciate the architecture of the old times and take a yacht trip on one of the numerous lakes close to the castle. The castle is also a must-visit location for people interested in history and like mysterious locations.
The Nemunas River is one of the major rivers in Eastern Europe, which rises in Belarus and goes through Lithuania. The river then drains into the Curonian Lagoon and into the Baltic Sea through Klaipeda. The river appears in countless historical events. The Knights of the Teutonic Order built the Memelburg Castle and the town of Memel at the mouth of the Curonian Lagoon. Nowadays, Memel is known as Klaipeda.
As it is one of the biggest and economically developed cities of Lithuania, Panevezys is the kind of city that one definitely needs to visit while traveling through the Baltic States. The city is home to a huge number of architectural monuments and historical values, which will be interesting to everyone.
Neringa — is a resort town, which is located on the Lithuanian part of the famous Curonian Spit. All together there are four beach areas, one of which is on our webcam online, under that name, which are located along the spit: Nida (administrative center), Juodkrante, Preila and Pervalka. Neringa is famous for its unusual nature, the highest dunes in Europe and qualitative medical facilities. It is a narrow peninsula with a total length of 97 km, dividing the Curonian Spit and the Baltic Sea. The local climate is very salutary for the health. The most prestigious parts of Neringa are Nida and Juodkrante. Nida is famous for neat colorful houses with thatched roofs, perfectly flat roads and flower beds situated everywhere. Almost every house is used as cafe, pub or a hotel. Nida is considered to be more prestigious resort than Juodkrante and that is why it is much more expensive. Instead of our usual hotel complexes in Neringa tourists are offered to stay in small private hotels, decorated in national style, mostly three-star rated. You will not only be ensured with a pleasant stay, but will be gladly told about the peculiarities of local rest and will be given an advice which places to visit in the first place. The peak of the tourist season falls at the end of July and mid-August.
Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and the second largest city in the Baltic States. Historically, Vilnius was a part of many glorious countries and kingdoms, such as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Lithuanian Republic. But not only is the city famous for it’s historical and cultural value. Vilnius is the economic, transport and political center of Lithuania, and is home to many international companies and businesses.
Palanga is without a doubt one of the most well known cities of Lithuania, that is popular among Lithuanians themselves as well as guest from other countries. The main reason for this fame and popularity is definitely the large number of tourist attractions and relaxation possibilities within or near the city. One of the most popular places to visit in Palanga is the Palanga Pier that is also know as the Palanga Sea Bridge. It reaches into the sea for 407 meters and is shaped in the form of letter L. The pier provides a chance to see the shore from a different perspective while going for a walk, at the same time, it is still opened for small tourist ships in summer.

Half-day tour to Trakai

Trakai (4 hours tour) is one of the oldest Grand Duchy of Lithuania residence and capitals. Trakai is the second capital of Lithuania.

Tour to Kernave

Kernave village (4 hours tour) located on the banks of the river Neris (35 km from Vilnius) has been known as the capital of Lithuania before Trakai and Vilnius. 

Country life museum in Rumsiskes

Country life Open Air Museum of Lithuania (6 hours tour) is a unique and one of the largest (195 ha) open-air ethnographic museums in Europe.

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