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Sirvėta Regional Park

Sirvėta Regional Park

Sirvėta Regional Park was founded in 1992 in order to preserve the moraine watershed landscape of the rivers Dauguva and Žeimena in Švenčionys region, the values of its natural ecosystem and cultural heritage. The system of rivers, streams and lakes lying on the height of Švenčionys, Sirvėta Regional Park belongs to the watershed of rivers Dauguva and Nemunas.

The eastern-western Čiūlėnai ridge, which is rising 273 m above the sea level, divides valleys of Miškinis-Ilgis-Šventa-Beržuvis and Kančioginas-Sirvėta-Sėtikė. A stream connects the lakes of the latter that winds in Sirvėta landscape reservation and changes its name from time to time - Žeimenėlė, Sirvėta, Kančiogina, Erzvėta and Birvėta...
The spring “Lino verdenė” spurs out from the entrails by the lake Sėtikis. Adamavas and Stanislavovas long-lived oak trees that are unique in their form, shade of lindens, Neversčiai ash forests are the sites having extraordinary significance to the world-view of our ancestors who lived here. Four mounds testify the culture that has been created and cherished by our ancestors; the villages located closely are still named after them, such as Aučynai, Rakšteliai, Kačėniškės and Stūgliai. Besides, the old sacred places – Rakšteliai and Garniai old place of worships and Šventa and Juodeliškės barrows are located in forests.

Sirvėta regional park is located on the height of Švenčionys. It belongs to the watershed of rivers Dauguva and Nemunas. At a higher Švenčionys height territory, on hills forests are growing, most of villages are located here. At lower level lakes, springs and marshes can be seen. This type of landscape were created by the last glacier.


We can find most of natural vegetation in narrow banks of streams and coasts of lakes and several small forests. The biggest, matured forests are situated in the regions of the lakes Šventa and Bėlis. Deciduous trees in parks are sparser. Interesting oak forests grow in slopes of the lakes Mergežeris and Merkmenai. Natural meadows take rather small areas around the lakes. Complex of streams, small swamps and lake networks are of a big value, which forms “corridors” of damp areas creating excellent conditions to biological varieties. At the lakesides we can see communities of moor grasses with abundant number of plant species entered into the Red Book of Lithuania such as: Bastard Pimpernel (Centunculus minimus), Baltic Orchid (Dactylorhiza baltica), Meadow Gladiolus (Gladiolus imbricatus), Green Winged Orchid (Orchis morio) and Fragrant Orchid (Gymnadenia conopsea).


There are a lot of natural biotypes in the territories of Mergežeris, Ilgis and Sėtikis lake system. They are also interesting in the view of biological variety. 6 amphibians, 3 reptilian and 33 mammal species have been found in Sirvėta Regional Park. Ornithologists especially value one territory at Sirvėta Regional Park of mosaic landscape. Streams and lakes and territories around them form a long complex of damp territories, which is like a corridor for birds during seasonal migration. Black Stork (Caronia nigra) is observed in the surroundings of the lake Sėtikė. There are a lot of different insects in the park. Here we can come across Scarce Heath (Coenonympha hero), Mniotype Bathensis (Blepharita bathensis), Old Tail Swallowtail (Papilio machaon) and Clouded Apolo (Parnassius mnemosyne).

Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) and some other rare species met in Lithuania, such as Common Crane (Grus grus) and Great Bittern (Botaurus stellaris) hatch in Salotis telmological reservation. Mountain Hare (Lepus timidus) is very common here. Three species of Orchids (Orchidaceae) family grow here that are included into the Red Book of Lithuania such as Heath Spotted Orchid (Dactylorhiza maculata), Baltic Orchid (D. baltica) and Narrow Leaved March Orchid (D. traunsteineri).


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