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Klaipeda Guide for Sailors

Klaipeda Guide for Sailors

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- Entrance buoy - 55? 43.857N? 20? 59.760E.
- Centre of Port's gate - 55? 43.697N? 21? 04.686E.
- There is enough depth to enter from any direction.
- Recommended distance from the end of entrance breakwaters':
- Under calm conditions - not less than 20 meters;
- Under rough conditions - centre of the entrance;
- Southern approaches deeper than Northern ones.
- Warning: remains of the boat (always visible) at the end of the North breakwater. The black buoy is the mark of NW approaches from the Northern breakwater.
- The current in the harbour - up to 1.2 knot. Its direction depends on wind: to the sea - when the wind direction is from E to SW. From the sea - when the wind direction is from W to N.
- The current on the approaches of the harbour gates - up to 1 knot from S to N when the wind direction is from S to W.
- Prevailing wind directions round the year: W/SW.
- Harbour working hours - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
- Harbour traffic service - VHF 9. Call sign - "Radio 5". Recommended to announce the entrance and departure to the traffic service in order not to disturb the traffic of? big ships in the sea gates.

Port water-way

- Marking system - lateral (direction - from the sea; green - right; read - left).
- Depth of water-way - 10-12 m.
- Depth in distance of 30 meters from West shore - 5 m. All Eastern shore is deep enough.
- No hidden underwater obstacles in the port.
- Yacht traffic under the sails is forbidden in the water-way.
- Crossing the water-way is allowed at the angle of 90 degrees, not closer than 500 m of an approaching vessel.

Coastguard and Custom control

- Custom control should be done every time on arrival and departure at the pie No.26;
- Pie No.26 is on the left hand (East shore 55? 42.372N? 21? 07.353E at the entrance of river Dange).

City harbour

- City harbour can be found in distance of 0.2 NM in depth of river Dange.
- Entrance channel to the harbour lagoon is on the right hand. The depth in entrance channel and in the harbour is approximately 3 metres.
- Harbour has no equipped boat berths.
- It is not secure to leave the boat because of high flow of townsfolk and huge traffic of small private ferry-boats. They use the harbour for departure and arrival procedures.

Yacht-club Harbour

- Harbour gates: 55? 41.847N? 21? 07.250E on the right hand on arrival from the sea approximately 2 NM from the port gates (West shore).
- There are two harbours: new and old. New harbour direction from North to South. Old harbour direction from East to West.
- New harbour:
- Depth from 3 metres in the North to 2.5 in the South.
- No limits for the mast height.
- Boat berths are equipped with steal piles maximum 4.5 metres wide in between.
- Distance in between the piles and concrete shore is approximately 24 metres.
- New harbour located not in the direct visibility of harbour watch point.
- Old harbour:
- Depth: 2.8 metres in the East to 2.10 in the West at the low water.
- No limits for the mast height.
- Boat berths are equipped with wooden piles maximum 3.5 metres wide in between.
- Distance in between the piles and concrete shore is variable: from 14 to 20 metres.
- All old harbour is in the direct visibility of harbour watch point.
- Harbour watch phone +370 6 391131. There are four people on duty. Shifts change every 24 h at 9:00 am. The main watch' s duties include boat security, payment collection, cleaning, distributing shower keys.
- It is secure to leave the boat in the harbour. Due to significant distance from the city the strangers are rare. Any way it is recommended to lock the cabin in case of departure to the city. Things on deck are secure.
- Available services: fresh water, electricity, showers, toilets, caf?, security, sails repair, carpenter.
- Prices: 4 LTL/LOA/m/day (per 1 metre of boat length per day) and 6 LTL person/day;
- The prices include: place in the harbour (piles), fresh water, electricity, toilet, security, shower.
- All service is located in two floors administrative building on the Northern shore of the harbour.
- There are separated toilets and showers for mails and females supplied with? washstands.
- There is no laundry equipment.
- Fresh water is in the pipe-line round the harbour.
- Shore Electricity 220V. Plug standard - Europe (2 pins and ground connection).
- One caf? is located in the harbour. Caf? accepts national cash and EuroCard/MasterCard payment cards.
- Price level in caf?: hot daily meal - 8-12 LTL. Portions are approximately 300 gr. in total. Light bear 0.5 ltr - 3.5 LTL. No strong alcohol. Vine, bear and light alcohol up to the 20 degrees strong is available in the bar.

Sailing to the internal Laguna (Kursiu Marios - Kursiu Laguna)

- The water way of Laguna starts at the end of the harbour near the island "Kiaules Nugara" - Pork's Back. The island should be left in the East.
- High voltage electrical cables are in 28 metres high over the Western pass of the island. There is no enough deep in the Eastern pass nor high as well - the high voltage wires are just in the 8-9 metres high.
- The narrowest part of? Laguna water-way is near Juodkrante.
- The depth in Laguna water-way is up to 2.5 m. The fluctuation of the depth depends upon the water level in Laguna and differentiates by 0.3 m.
- There are plenty of nets in Laguna, which are mounted on the piles. Usually depth near the last pile (from both sides) is 3 metres. It is save to pass the last pile even in 1 metre distance.
- It is strongly recommended to follow the water-way from Kiaules Nugara island to the light house Roterman. This water-way is supplied with lights. After the light house the depth is bigger.
- The sandbanks direction around the light house - to the East and to the West till the shore. Secure distance from the East approaches - 0.3 NM.
- After Roterman light house there is enough deep between Nida water-way (marked by green buoys, which are unlighted in the dark period of the day) and Nemunas water-way (market with black buoys supplied with lights).
- There is long sandbank from Bulvikio cape, the last cape before Nida. It is strongly recommend to leave green buoy in the West.
- 0.3 NM before Bulvikio cape green buoy on the left hand are remains of drowned barge market by black/yellow buoy supplied with light. Barges chimney could be seen in rough conditions in NW direction from the buoy at the distance of 10 metres..
- There is one green buoy on the passage from Bulvikio cape to Nida which should be left in the West as well.
- There are two harbours in Nida: fisherman's' - Northern entrance, and guest harbour - Southern one. To avoid sandbanks it is recommended not to cross straight line from the last green buoy to the fishermen harbour entrance.
- Guest harbour approaches are secure from any direction. Harbour is supplied with the anchored white buoys with rings on top in distance of 20-25 metres from western concrete quay.

(Prepared by Sailing Captain Arturas Dovydenas, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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