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Lithuanian SPA

beautypeakMake the most of Your time in the journey of Your Beauty and Wellness. 




You are welcome to choose any single treatment in Beauty Peak:



There are so many things around us that are so beautiful and make us happy. Very often we miss them and it needs another person to point out they are beautiful.

Beauty Peak House of Beauty has been created to perceive and reveal the natural beauty of every one, to inspire to relax, enjoy and rejuvenate. We are here to care about Your well-being routine.

We have a believe that by offering a wide range of treatments, using the best and most modern equipment, providing great service and high-quality products we give You the best possible experience. This is worth to make the best solution – to visit us and have a high quality service for a reasonable price.

Treatment packages


Discover Hydrating, Brightenting or Rejuvenating Facial Treatment  with Pevonia  skin care products and Skin Enrichment with Active Ingredients by Ultrasound. Your skin will instantly become radiant, smooth and hydrated.

While enjoying the facial treatment we will care about your hands or feet – you are welcome to choose Manicure or Express Pedicure.

Price of the package: 120 Eur, 1.5 hour.


This is to restore balance to your mind and body.  Body massage with a Scrub and Face  massage will make you feel relaxed and promote an overall sense of well-being.

Price of the package: 120 Eur, 2 hours.


Our proffesionals will help to choose the Facial treatment which suits the best for your skin – Cryotherapy or Hydrating Facial Treatment  with Pevonia  skin care products and Skin Enrichment with Active Ingredients by Ultrasound. Your skin will instantly become radiant, smooth and hydrated. The Thai feet and Hand massage will ideally suit to your relaxation.

Price of the package: 130 Eur, 1.5 hour.


Let us bring you shortly to the Paradise.  Indulge Body massage with a Wrap treatment and complete  your relaxation with Face massage with a mask.

Price of the package: 170 Eur, 2.5 hours.


If you are looking for a special body treatment, put your trust into the one of he most luxury Lumafirm Body Firm & Glow treatment which will ensure a quick effect.  Lumafirm is a 4-step body treatment, which formula contains 26 active fast-acting ingredients as citron verbena, marine collagen, olive oil, new form of vitamin C  and other that is introduced into the skin especially quickly and ensures immediate highly visible unprecedented results. 

Before the luxury Lumafirm we will spoil you with a one hour Body massage.

Finally, completing your journey with a special Lumafirm Facial treatment which makes the skin to feel much better – refreshed, hydrated, more smooth and radiant.

While enjoying the facial treatment we will care about your hands or feet – you are welcome to choose Manicure or Express Pedicure to be done.

Price of the package: 260 Eur, 3 hours.

*It is our pleasure to  give You as a Complementary the correction of the eye brows and sparcling wine in choosing any treatment package.

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SPA treatments, organic aromatherapy, home accessories and unique gifts for our clients. The world is our SPA. Open Your eyes and look around. Beneath you lies the earth, oxygen surrounds you, beyond is the ocean and EVERYWHERE IS SPIRIT. Nature is an integral part of SCENTS OF PROVENCE SPA. Here time melts away and the sheer luxury and space makes you feel as if you are the only person on earth. Grace is what separates our SPA from any other SPA. Just step into the different world. Returning body to equilibrium - through ancient botanical recipes and time - honored rituals - is the prime focus of SCENTS OF PROVENCE SPA. All SPA treatments begin with hot towel therapy for feet and back, floral water to revitalize and special tea after. Only Organic and the highest quality essential oils are being used for procedures. Using mixtures of essential oils creativity is boundless.






“Belvilis” complex of pool and baths is a real comfort to your body and soul, where you can enjoy refreshing pool, have a steam Turkish bath or sauna, treat yourself to a jacuzzi or shower. The interior decorated by brownish tiles gives an impression of elegant calmness. Baths trimmed in natural wood will let you relax and give new energy. After soothing water procedures you will be able to relax in comfortable wicker chairs. Service of pool and baths is cheaper to the guests of “Belvilis” from 9:00 AM till 12:00 PM.

Cosmetic beauty procedures give attractive appearance and good mood and have much influence on person‘s health and the way he feels.

In “Belvilis” guesthouse we offer massage and beauty treatment services, which will be provided by a professional beautician Roberta Latviene and massage specialist Laima Zarnosekoviene settled near pool complex. You will be given a massage, body scrub, aromatherapy, reflexology and cosmetic treatments. For body and facial beauty treatment we are using luxury superior quality skincare brands: Italian cosmetics SALIN DE BIOSEL and French cosmetics THAL‘ION.

Different - Unique - Original Salin de Biosel specialises in cosmetics and application concepts for a beautiful skin, a healthy body and spiritual harmony. Salin de Biosel offers two product lines: for professional use and for sale to consumers. In the world of cosmetics, Salin de Biosel has introduced products and application concepts that are based on an original blend of Eastern bioenergetics philosophy and Western modern techniques. According to Eastern philosophy our health depends on the balance of Yin and Yang, the two opposing, yet complimentary energies that calibrate universal and individual harmony. All the skin functions are influenced by this energetic flow: Yin energy counterbalances the skin‘s excess of energy, whereas Yang energy compensate for low energy. Every Salin de Biosel product has its own energetic identity and able not only to transmit active principles that restore energetic balance, but also carry out a deep reprogramming of skin tissue.

In Salin de Biosel products you will never find: genetically modified organisms (GMO), animal - derived products, animal - tested ingredients, paraffin (isoparaffin) or substances derived from petroleum, mineral oils, chemical colouring, propylene glycol ( butylene, ethylene and etc.), paraben-based preservatives. We are firmly committed to the constant improvement of our products, the use of strictly natural ingredients and a deep concern of consumers health.

THAL‘IONThe Best of Marine Nature! Thal‘ion is well known for its range of professional body and face treatments, especially designed to be used in Thalassotherapy and Spas beauty salons. Thal‘ion marine laboratories collect and extract from algae the natural and powerful active ingredients that become the true essence of beauty and well-being. In a preserved nature, an exceptional pure seawater, the seaweeds develop specific substances such as proteins, minerals, trace elements, vitamins with outstanding properties. Because of the high affinity between human cells and the original marine environment, our body absorbs every ingredient from the sea to provide essential energy and incomparable well-being.  Through distinctive beauty rituals, Thal‘ion will provide you exceptional treatments, a delightful experience that will give you immediate and long-lasting benefits.

About usWe are presenting you an innovative healing method of mineral therapy “AMBER RELAX LUXUS”* based on the interaction of infrared rays with amber, jade and other minerals.

The equipment to this innovative method is original with no analogues in the world.

Massage tables of infrared ray therapy* and infrared ray-based sauna of amber jade or other minerals* are the main patentedinnovations. Working surface of the above tables, benches and walls of the sauna are made of amber or jade mosaic penetrated by infrared rays. Infrared rays when penetrating through amber or any other mineral produce secondary radiation of light and heat, thus emitting negative (useful) ions.

While heating, amber spreads pleasant aroma and produces vapor of amber acid. This positively affects a human’s body, stimulates it on a cellular level and, while enriching the body with amber acid, regulates hormonal activity, improves both metabolism and immunity of the body. Amber is a real cure for headaches, heart and joint problems.

Healing features of jade become even stronger when affected by infrared rays. When heated, jade produces silicon acid, famous for its painkilling features and detoxicational capabilities. Before massage procedures infrared ray-based amber sauna is recommended. Exceptional healing effect is the feature of this sauna.Massage according to “AMBER RELAX LUXUS” method is performed on special tables of therapy and includes several types of it with application of the natural Baltic amber and its fractions.

You are welcome to our AMBER AND MINERAL THERAPY CENTER in VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, the exclusive patent-holder, where you will have the best opportunities to get aware of this innovation.

Exceptional eco-friendly materials were used in the interior of our centre. Decorative elements in the interior, massage equipment and tools, illuminators, mosaic are also made of the amber of the Baltic Sea. This exclusive innovation referred to the VIP category is dedicated for individual clients, massage centers, hotels, and SPA.

You are welcome to address us in case of purchasing the above equipment. We hope that our innovation will be of great help when solving health problems and improving your inner harmony. With best wishes.

"Galatėja" is one of the most contemporary and the largest SPA centres in Samogitia.

Oasis of health and beauty, oriented to clients, which value the quality of services, professionality, natural products.

Harmonious work of Galatėja centre company does not remain unnoticed: there have been delivered the nominations and gratitudes. The specialists have medical education, they have work exprience, participate in international seminars, trainings and championships of SPA centres on a regular basis.

Just open the door of SPA Galatėja ...  here you are welcomed by a sincere smile, attention, kind service, cosy atmosphere, abundance of procedures and a variety of complexes.

Kingdom of massages

a) Turkish steam bath with Jacuzzi plus a gush of cold water from a wooden bucket - it is a real refreshment for the body and soul.
b) Remedial massage - plastic hands‘ movements will wake up strengths and help to recover good condition.
c)Warm herbal compresses will allow to plunge into a whirl of thoughts and feelings.

Twosome in heaven

a) In the haze of steam bath with Jacuzzi thoughts ripple to the sea; there sounds quiet music, there can be heard the sea sough, shriek of seagulls; a gush of cold water from a wooden bucket is a real refreshment.
b) SPA „Kleopatra‘s milk" bath is a procedure, which turns into a pure, white lake, inviting to enjoy serenity and good condition. The result is preserved skin elasticity, reduced tension, coddled body and awaken feelings.
c) Recreate yourself by seeking for pure air in the forest or fields. Take off your shoes, undress yourself and let the ninth wave flood the entire body. Thus the skin experiences strong effect of massage. We enrich the rippling water streams with herbal extracts, sea algae and essence oils. 

Triumphal arch

a) Remedial massage will help to maintain an excellent state of body and soul.
b) SPA - Jet bath will provide the feeling of relaxation and good condition.
c) Turkish steam bath with Jacuzzi plus a gush of icy water, flushed from a wooden bucket is a real refreshment for body and soul.

Silk strand

a) Hands‘ skin is aging faster than facial, therefore it is necessary to constantly protect them from premature aging. Washing with hot/cold water dries the skin even more because it has no fatty layer. Cherished hands will provide the image with luxury and decoration.
b) One callosity on the foot - two wrinkles on the face, we offer a helping hand to the tired feet. Feet massage, pedicure, warm clay, mud, honey and paraffin baths not only help feet to look esthetic, but protect against many problems. 
c) Forget the usual, steady facial care routine and let yourself enjoy the luxury of skin care. Sophisticated, innovative and effective - that is how the exceptional „silk strand" procedure could be defined.
d) This is the temptation of black pearls on the face and white ones on the body. Pearl powder contains many minerals, proteins and amino-acids; these components are the source of beauty and beautiful skin.

The mighty ones are born today

a) Turkish steam bath with Jacuzzi plus a gush of cold water from a wooden bucket give you the rush of energy and strength.
b) Recreate yourself by seeking for pure air in the forest or fields. Take off your shoes, undress yourself and let the ninth wave flood the entire body. Thus the skin experiences strong effect of massage. We enrich the rippling water streams with herbal extracts, sea algae or essence oils.
b) Back acts as a protective armour, it is more often affected by the tension forces. Back massage gives back strength, helps to relax after stress, relaxes muscles and provides with buoyancy. 

From the depth of ages

a) Effective procedure, giving back the youthlike body shapes, muscle stiffness and skin vitality. 
b) Algae of the Dead Sea, mild peeling and wrap-up soothe the entire body, remove the accumulated liquids, skin becomes vital and elastic.
c) Facial skin care at different age periods: childhood - smooth and soft, youth - more stiff and fat, mature age - dry and thin.
The processes of skin aging may be delayed under proper facial care.

Guards of time

a) Baths help to enhance the immune system, accelerate substances‘ circulation, facial colour becomes nicer, they smooth the wrinkles; skin becomes younger.
b) Simultaneosly and evenly massaged body regains strength faster. We enrich the easily rippling water streams by adding herbal extracts, sea algae and essence oils. Water is the cradle of life.
c) Facial skin care. We provide the skin with elasticity and natural shining, however, you should notice that despite of age and skin type for skin care there are especially important the full-rate nutrition, sufficient amount of vitamins, rest and sleep.

Source of grace

a) SPA - Jet multi-functional capsule alleviates breath, relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, decreases weight and stiffens skin.
b) Cosmetologist‘s services: it is the procedure, which protects women against the most frightening symptoms of skin aging. 

In the ways of aromas 

a) Baths help to enhance the immune system, accelerate substances‘ circulation, facial colour becomes nicer, they smooth the wrinkles; skin becomes younger.
b) SPA „Kleopatra‘s milk" bath is a procedure, which turns into a pure, white lake, inviting to enjoy serenity and good condition. The result is preserved skin elasticity, reduced tension, coddled body and awaken feelings.
c) Chocolate is a sweet pleasure. The procedure develops the silhouette, reduces the „orange skin" effect, moisturizes and smoothes the skin, quickly recovers the lost strength. The smell of chocolate makes positive effect on the central nervous system, enhances mood, helps to concentrate, eliminates stress and strain.
d) Cosmetologist‘s services: healthy and maintained facial skin - our beauty and good condition. Silky consistence will comprehensively supply your skin with everything it desires so it would look beautiful.


The modern SPA centre SPA Vilnius DIA, situated in the heart of Vilnius city, near the Parliament Building in Gediminas avenue offers more than 120 facial and body treatments for men and women.
Our professional staff of licensed therapists performs various facial and body treatments and can speak fluent English and Russian. All therapists have attended 6-month intensive training programme and are prepared to provide professional service of the highest quality.
Indulgent massages, ritual body treatments and water therapies are performed in a place of delicate shadow of luxury. The centre SPA Vilnius DIA distinguishes for its interior designed by famous international company Douglas Wallace Architects (London) and Lithuanian architect Ginte Pamerneckiene. She is one of several Lithuanian architects and designers experienced in designing and realizing ideas in SPA environment.
The Day SPA centre is a perfect place for those who appreciate the harmony of body, soul and mind and believe in wisdom of traditions. The guests of SPA Vilnius DIA will be able to enjoy health improving massage therapies performed according to the hundred-year-old bodywork techniques of Druskininkai massage school. Our specialists have been trained to perform classical and therapeutic massages by award-winning professional therapists of SPA Vilnius in Druskininkai. For the special body care, we offer exfoliating massage treatments on a heated marble plinth (Hamam) with an individual Turkish bath and SPA treatments for hair and scalp.
We offer 51 ELEMIS face and body therapies. Professional ELEMIS (Great Britain) products are used and adored by many celebrities such as Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova, actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Sienna Miller, football player David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham and others. Scientifically proven and clinically trialed Elemis products deliver real treatment results.
All the guests are invited to enjoy authentic herbal tea before and after the treatments. We offer 4 kinds of tea - soothing, energizing, for men and for mature women developed by the Doctor of Medicine P. Dagilis who works in the centers of SPA Vilnius.


life_energy“Life Energy S.P.A.” means:

SPA therapies and programmes (a novelty in Lithuania - application of vibro-acoustics in every SPA therapy): group of detoxification therapies, group of therapies for regeneration of inner strength, silhouette shape-up, facial skin comfort therapies, Jazz group of SPA therapies, SPA therapies for families and couples.

Exercises of personality self-development, self expression workshop, couching consultations;

Programmes of regeneration of inner strength and self changing (retreats). (A combination of techniques of personality self-development and SPA therapies, retreat of several days from the everyday. environment to stimulate inner changes).

As both Lithuanians and Europeans we are aware of the Greek and Roman foundations on which our society stands, and the evidence is all around in the form of elaborate sculptures in perfect proportion and showing such fine body lines.

To the Romans themselves the perception may have been slightly different, as the Latin expression ‘ex Orient lux’ or ‘light comes from the East’ illustrates. Consider Japan – for many the perfect example of the environment best demonstrating the idea of uplifted senses. The Japanese are receptive, fond of creating in their own ways, yet eager to adopt foreign ideas and infuse them with new life. They are pioneers both in implementing fantastic projects and setting everyday standards, which will then spread all over the world. This is the meaning of ‘light’ as it is used in ‘ex Orient lux’.

The people of the land of the rising sun have inherited many secret ways of charming and pampering the body from their ancient writings, and now at Idzumi we can reveal some of them to you through our beauty treatments and regimes.


harmony_parkHarmony Park is the place where unspoilt nature and modern comforts, serene relaxation and active recreation are all in perfect harmony. Its hotel SIMBOLY boasts its highly qualified personnel offering an exceptionally attentive personal service, a wide range of services and activities to enjoy excellent rest and recuperation.

SIMBOLY SPA centre offers a variety of pleasant procedures to warm, refresh and soothe one’s body and soul. Visitors may choose a single procedure or a complete package. Our qualified specialists will devise an entire beauty and wellness program according to Your needs and wishes.

Hardly could there be anything more pleasing than our pampering body treatment procedures using natural products, such as real chocolate, honey, coffee, herbs from the nearby forests and fields.

Our visitors may enjoy anti-cellulite, Ayurvedic, aromatherapy, body line massages. No doubt massage does miracles, and the lucky ones who have appreciated its benefits experience heavenly sensations – they feel relaxed and younger, and their skin is fresh and elastic. Our time-proven beauty and wellness baths are also at Your service.

You may indulge Yourself with cleansing, moisturising, lifting, restoring facial procedures and even more. Don’t miss Your chance to try our detoxifying, slimming, immune system boosting SPA rituals! We offer one of the most impressive cleansing and bathing procedures – an ancient Arabic ritual known as RASUL (aroma steam bath, special aroma and music therapies). Special procedures aimed at removing toxins from the body, soothing, softening and smoothing the skin are performed in a room filled with pleasant warmth.

Be sure to visit an authentic Turkish bath known as HAMMAM. Once experienced, it will prove that there is no need to travel to faraway places to enjoy the pleasures of the Turkish bath. Hammam is an entire washing and cleaning ritual. You will be invited to an exotic room filled with light aroma steam (by heating an oval-shaped marble bed and marble floor) where a highly qualified specialist will apply scrubs, washing and massage procedures to Your body from head to toe, after which Your body will be clean and light. Most clients even argue that Hammam helps lose a couple of unwanted pounds. You may extend the pleasures of the Turkish bath with a cup of aromatic tea.

Ancient Hawaiians used to say that only a body that is taken care of will endure. Remember this when Your start craving for pleasant sensations.


"Sauleja" - is the network of beauty and SPA centers - it's the relaxed body, beauty and balance of soul. Sauleja beauty and SPA procedures refresh your body and evoke positive emotions improves your daily life and helps to revive strength.

"Sauleja SPA" - the biggest Spa centre in Kaunas is located in the city center in Reval Hotel Neris. This centre is dedicated for Kaunas citizens who are searching for the wider beauty and SPA services assortment, as well as for Kaunas city guests, business tourists who wish to combine hotel services with SPA taste.

Nowadays SPA became the special place where people can hide from their daily routine, enjoy refreshment and relax. "Sauleja SPA" - is the harbor full of pleasant senses and harmony, which will award you with positive feelings and help you to relax. It will also flourish and cosset your body. Relaxed and free from hard thoughts you will feel yourself better, renew efficiency and will be ready to return to real life with new powers and thoughts.

After procedures you will have the possibility to revel in relax and quietness and award yourself with longer relaxing feelings in special relax zone.

Fresh feeling.
Program includes:
  • Sea water bath (Thalasso);
  • Back and feed massage;
  • Relax, tea in the relax zone.
Duration ~ 1.5 h.
Price for one person - 33 Eur.


1 day SPA program "The day of Sun" (1/2 persons).


Program includes:

  • Baths zone (aromaterapic sauna, eddy bath) (90 min.);
  • Body scrub (15 min.);
  • Relax full body massage (40 min.);
  • SPA stones ritual for hands (90 min.);
  • SPA ritual for hair (60 min.) (hair washing and blow-dry - included);
  • Relax, tea in the relax zone;
  • Bathrobes and slippers;
  • Overnight at 4* Reval Hotel Neris - SPA room;
  • Big breakfast table at the restaurant "Diverso";
  • Parking lot.
Price for 1/2 persons - 128 Eur./ 206 Eur.




2 days SPA program "Saulėja pleasures" (1/2 persons).


Program includes:

1 First day (3,5 h)

  • Baths zone (aromaterapic sauna, eddy bath);
  • Body scrub;
  • Relax full body massage;
  • Face massage + mask.

Second day (1,5 h)

  • Underwater massage;
  • SPA ritual for hair (hair washing and blow-dry - included);
  • Bathrobes and slippers;
  • Overnight at 4* Reval Hotel Neris - SPA room;
  • Big breakfast table at the restaurant "Diverso";
  • Parking lot.
Price for 1/2 persons - 508 Eur./ 843 Eur.



Half-day tour to Trakai

Trakai (4 hours tour) is one of the oldest Grand Duchy of Lithuania residence and capitals. Trakai is the second capital of Lithuania.

Tour to Kernave

Kernave village (4 hours tour) located on the banks of the river Neris (35 km from Vilnius) has been known as the capital of Lithuania before Trakai and Vilnius. 

Country life museum in Rumsiskes

Country life Open Air Museum of Lithuania (6 hours tour) is a unique and one of the largest (195 ha) open-air ethnographic museums in Europe.

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    Fly & Lease of campers in the Baltic.

    Camper on the road

    Take a tour and discover Baltics by yourself!

    You will be able to travel comfortably throughout Baltic Sates in our campers, as passengers really may feel themselves like home and take any necessary stuff with them, even their most loved cup for coffee.
    A virtue of motor homes is the possibility to be in the cabin in all companionship while going from place to place.
    Moreover, you will be free as you will be independent from hotels and every evening you will be able to spend in any place you wish!

    Prepaid individual transfer :

    no trouble with money exchange upon arrival,
    no need to take care oftaxi search,
    no language problems !

    The driver will wait for you at arrival hall with your name on the card, will help you with luggage and will safely transfer you to agreed place.
    Please fill in the Transfer Reservation and we will contact you within 24 business hours with confirmation

    KIA CARNIVAL  25 EUR (max 5 persons)                                                
    MERCEDES-BENZ VIANO  35 EUR (max 7 persons)

    per car only!