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European Basketball Championship of 2011(EuroBasket 2011)

European Basketball Championship of 2011(EuroBasket 2011)

The European Basketball Championship of 2011, universally referred to as EuroBasket 2011, will be the 37th regional championship held by FIBA Europe.
The competition will be hosted by Lithuania.
This will be the second time Lithuania has hosted Eurobasket, and the first since the restoration of its independence in 1990. Lithuania originally hosted the 1939 European Basketball Championship. Lithuanian will become the smallest country to host the Eurobasket since Belgium in 1977.
A total of 24 teams will participate in Eurobasket 2011. Lithuania automatically receives a place as the hosts, Countries that are competing in the 2010 FIBA world championship also receive a place, The other 6 Countries will be determined through qualifying matches starting August 2010.
The group matches are set to be played in four national arenas, including Kaunas Arena (under construction since 2008), Šiaulių arena, an arena in Panevėžys and an arena in Klaipėda (under construction since 2009). The qualifying matches are to be played at the Siemens Arena in the capital Vilnius or the new Kaunas arena.

As the dates are already known it’s time to start prepare visit to Lithuania. Couple months left till the exact team opponents will be announced and cities selected.

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The European Basketball Championship of 2011 will be held in following cities:

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Address: Parko str.12, Panevezys. Opened in 2008 October 24
Total combined area: 23477.4 m²
Number of spectators: up to 5656
Cido arena includes the following: 5 changing rooms with necessary equipment, 6 fast food bars, 3 drink bars, 1 VIP bar, 6 entrances.

panevezys panevezys1

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SIAULIAI. Siauliai Arena
Address: J.Jablonskio str. 16, Siauliai. Opened in 2007 July 25
Number of spectators: up to 5700
Arena includes the following: Café-bar “Arena”, SPA centre “Agnete”, souvenirs shop, basketball training hall, sport museum, sports club, sport goods salon, security company, sport medicine’s cabinet, 5 bars, VIP suites zone with the balcony.

siauliai siauliai1

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ALYTUS. Sports and Recreation Centre
Address: Naujoji str. 52, Alytus. Opened in 2010 July
Number of spectators: up to 5500
Centre includes the following: Cloak rooms, toilets, 4 new changing rooms for athletes, room for judges and journalists.

alytus alytus1

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KLAIPEDA. Klaipeda Arena
Address: Dubysos str. 10, Klaipeda. Will be opened in 2011 January.
Number of spectators: up to 5486

klaipeda klaipeda1

VILNIUS. Siemens Arena

Address: Ozo str. 14, Vilnius. Opened in 2004 October 30
Total combined area of arena’s five levels: 20 000 m²
Number of spectator: up to 11 000
Siemens arena includes the following: 8 fast food restaurants, 11 drink bars, arena’s BMW club, VIP suites zone. The catering establishments on all the floors of the arena can serve up to 7500 people during an event brake.

siemens siemens1

KAUNAS. Zalgirio Arena

Address: Karaliaus Mindaugo str. 50, Kaunas. Will be opened in 2010 October
Total combined area: 39684.20 m²
Number of spectators: up to 14502
Arena will include the following: Lobbies, cloak rooms, toilets, exhibition hall, rented suites zone, rented chairs at the VIP restaurant, 4 fast food restaurants, 15 bars, 3 restaurants


kaunas kaunas1

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