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Baltic seaside 100 km Cup

Baltic seaside 100 km Cup

On the morning of 26 June, 2010 in the most beautiful place of Lithuania seaside, in Nida, most able ultramarathon runners of Season and Continent will hasten away to the course willing to overcome one of the longest and most complicated event of athletics – distance of 100 km.
This race will happen for the fourth time in Lithuania seaside, but this year there will be several substantial differences. Earlier, runners had to overcome the course between Nida and Būtingė, and this time athletes will compete only in Nida. The start and the finish will be in the section of road Nida – Smiltynė by Nida. During previous race only athletes from Lithuania competed and now, in 2010, this race is going to be Baltic seaside countries region cup and open Championships of Lithuania. Ultramarathon runners from Latvia consider an opportunity to arrange the championships of their country here also.
Organisers are willing, that the shot of the starter will accompany more than 50 runners from more than 10 Europe countries. Interest about the run is shown from Italian, Ukrainian and Japan stayers. Winners will be awarded with grave price bounties.
Best result of running 100 km since 1998 belongs to Tagahiro Sunadai from Japana – 6:13,33h , in Europe – italian Mario Ardemagni – 6:18,24. Among women the fastest in the world yet is Tamoe Abe also from Japan (6:33,11), in Europe – Tatjana Zhirkova from Russia (7:10,32). Results of most preserving Lithuanian runners yet are a little bit modest - Rimas Jakelaitis overcame 100 km in 7:20,42 in year of 1995 and Aušra Kavaliauskienė – in 8:33,46 in year of 2000.
Runners of ultralong distances from Lithuania can brag various world records, in fact in much longer distances. The world record of 1000 miles since 1998 belongs to Petras Silkinas (11+13:54,58) and Rimas Jakelaitis has reached two records earlier - running 2000 km (15+10:16,02) and running 1300 miles (16+00:28,10).
During ultramarathon in Nida there will be organised a brand new event of athletics – show race of running on sand barefoot. For the first time in the world official results will be commited.


Hello everybody, who are running by foot, by eyes or by hands (thanks to keyboard)!

Let us introduce you a welcome new – in 26 June, 2010 we will gather for the fourth time in Nida for Ultramarathon (100km) run. From now it is not only a run – from now it is together Open championship of Lithuania of 100km and Cup of Baltic sea region.

Main innovation of this run – its new status and new route. We hope to attain more than 50 ultramarathon runners from about 15 countries and the whole new route will extend in Nida. One more innovation – solid prize fund.

In the beginning of XIX century famous german scientis Vilhelm Humboldt wrote: “The Curonian Spit is so distinctive, that it is necessary to visit it the same as Italy or Spain if you want to given fascinating views for your sould.”

In the beginning of XXI century we, organisers of the event, say: “It is essential to measure your strength in this unique place, in one of the longest and difficult event of athletics, what is more – during the feast of St.John when humans and nature join.”

The Curonian Spit is included into UNESCO Worlds nature heritage list as one of the most beautiful and unique landscape in Europe. The Curonian Spit is a national park in which informing system is arranged well, so there is no problem to find where on or other object is and description of object is given in several languages.

See you in Nida!

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