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Sport events
Organised by Sail Training International

Klaipeda, Lithuania - Thursday 18 - Sunday 21 August
Race One
Turku, Finland - Friday 26 - Sunday 28 August
Race Two
Gdynia, Poland - Friday 2 - Monday 5 September

Sail Training International is organising a special Regatta in 2011 to mark the Finnish city of Turku’s year as the European Capital of Culture. The Culture 2011 Tall Ships Regatta will being timed to follow on from The Tall Ships Races 2011 and so extend the Tall Ships festival season into September.

Klaipeda (Lithuania) and Gdynia (Poland) have agreed to join forces with Turku to create two races that will have no age restriction but will feature the cultural activities and highlights of
each city. The event will start in Klaipeda from where the fleet will race to Turku and then race to Gdynia.

Each of the cities will be required to recruit a minimum of 25 trainees to take part in the event with the emphasis placed on cultural groups such as dance troupes, bands, artists and singers. It is envisaged that during the port visits, the crews will
enjoy visits to the cultural highlights of each city.

Vessels that took part in The Tall Ships Races Baltic 2009 will already be aware of the warm and friendly atmospheres of these three ports. A similar welcome can be assured in 2011.

If the bicycles are part of your life - this message is for you!

“Velomarathon” will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania on August 22nd (Sunday). This event will be held for a first time and it will be a festival for all cycling enthusiasts. “Velomarathon” is not just a competition to clarify the fastest cyclist. It is an event where you can have a good time by riding your bike.

We kindly invite you to register and participate! All you need is a serviceable bicycle.

There will be separate starts for hobby group and sportsmen/sportswomen in “Velomaratonas”. Only you will choose where to participate.

We invite to register now, because the registration is free of charge for all who will register until August 20th!

Moreover, “Velomarathon” offers:

  • interesting track in Vilnius city centre secured from any extraneous transport;
  • entertaining program after the finish;
  • for sportsmen/sportswomen and teams – winner cups, established by the Prime Minister as well as transport and communications, and energy ministers of Lithuanian Republic and the cup established by mayor of Vilnius city;
  • for hobby group participants - a lottery after the finish where prizes will be won;
  • lot of positive feelings and a well-spent time.

Next event 21 August, 2011

Evening before Velomaratonas 2010

Welcome to The Association For International Sport for All - TAFISA! As the leading international Sport for All organisation, TAFISA is in the privileged position to bring joy, health, social interaction, integration and development to communities and citizens around the globe through the promotion of Sport for All and physical activity.

TAFISA’s Vision and Mission

To achieve an Active World by globally promoting and facilitating access for every person to Sport for All and physical activity.

TAFISA’s primary focus is on:

  • Lobbying internationally for Sport for All,
  • Providing and coordinating programs and events,
  • Providing networking and experience transfer platforms.

To this end, TAFISA:

  • Believes Sport for All & physical activity are basic human rights
  • Supports promotion/development of traditional sports and games
  • Sees Sport for All as a major contributor to individual, social, community and national life quality
  • Supports international exchange and
  • Supports education of leaders
  • Cooperates with health, culture, education and recreation
  • Assumes political leadership and provides practical events and programs
  • Supports diversity, inclusiveness and member development

Games road to Siauliai...

The next event is the 5th TAFISA World Sport for All Games to be held in Siauliai, Lithuania, from 5th to 11th July 2012.

The European Basketball Championship of 2011, universally referred to as EuroBasket 2011, will be the 37th regional championship held by FIBA Europe.
The competition will be hosted by Lithuania.
This will be the second time Lithuania has hosted Eurobasket, and the first since the restoration of its independence in 1990. Lithuania originally hosted the 1939 European Basketball Championship. Lithuanian will become the smallest country to host the Eurobasket since Belgium in 1977.
A total of 24 teams will participate in Eurobasket 2011. Lithuania automatically receives a place as the hosts, Countries that are competing in the 2010 FIBA world championship also receive a place, The other 6 Countries will be determined through qualifying matches starting August 2010.
The group matches are set to be played in four national arenas, including Kaunas Arena (under construction since 2008), Šiaulių arena, an arena in Panevėžys and an arena in Klaipėda (under construction since 2009). The qualifying matches are to be played at the Siemens Arena in the capital Vilnius or the new Kaunas arena.

As the dates are already known it’s time to start prepare visit to Lithuania. Couple months left till the exact team opponents will be announced and cities selected.

Visit Lithuania offers:

  • Flight tickets;
  • Hotel accommodation, guest house or apartments;
  • Transfers between cities;
  • Tickets to Basketball games;
  • Sightseeing tours between matches.

Special travel packages for The European Basketball Championship of 2011 will be announced!
Contact us for more information.

Follow us for updated information or apply form to receive constant news
related to The European Basketball Championship in Lithuania 2011!





The European Basketball Championship of 2011 will be held in following cities:

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flag Lithuania More info
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flag Turkey More info


Address: Parko str.12, Panevezys. Opened in 2008 October 24
Total combined area: 23477.4 m²
Number of spectators: up to 5656
Cido arena includes the following: 5 changing rooms with necessary equipment, 6 fast food bars, 3 drink bars, 1 VIP bar, 6 entrances.

panevezys panevezys1

flag France More info
flag Germany More info
flag Israel More info
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flag Latvia More info
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SIAULIAI. Siauliai Arena
Address: J.Jablonskio str. 16, Siauliai. Opened in 2007 July 25
Number of spectators: up to 5700
Arena includes the following: Café-bar “Arena”, SPA centre “Agnete”, souvenirs shop, basketball training hall, sport museum, sports club, sport goods salon, security company, sport medicine’s cabinet, 5 bars, VIP suites zone with the balcony.

siauliai siauliai1

flag Bosnia and Herzegovina More info
flag Croatia More info
flag F.Y.R. of Macedonia More info
flag Greece More info
flag Montenegro More info
flag Team(A/1) More info

ALYTUS. Sports and Recreation Centre
Address: Naujoji str. 52, Alytus. Opened in 2010 July
Number of spectators: up to 5500
Centre includes the following: Cloak rooms, toilets, 4 new changing rooms for athletes, room for judges and journalists.

alytus alytus1

flag Belgium More info
flag Bulgaria More info
flag Georgia More info
flag Russia More info
flag Slovenia More info
flag Ukraine More info

KLAIPEDA. Klaipeda Arena
Address: Dubysos str. 10, Klaipeda. Will be opened in 2011 January.
Number of spectators: up to 5486

klaipeda klaipeda1

VILNIUS. Siemens Arena

Address: Ozo str. 14, Vilnius. Opened in 2004 October 30
Total combined area of arena’s five levels: 20 000 m²
Number of spectator: up to 11 000
Siemens arena includes the following: 8 fast food restaurants, 11 drink bars, arena’s BMW club, VIP suites zone. The catering establishments on all the floors of the arena can serve up to 7500 people during an event brake.

siemens siemens1

KAUNAS. Zalgirio Arena

Address: Karaliaus Mindaugo str. 50, Kaunas. Will be opened in 2010 October
Total combined area: 39684.20 m²
Number of spectators: up to 14502
Arena will include the following: Lobbies, cloak rooms, toilets, exhibition hall, rented suites zone, rented chairs at the VIP restaurant, 4 fast food restaurants, 15 bars, 3 restaurants


kaunas kaunas1 the first Saturday of February (February 6) VISIT LITHUANIA offers you to spend an exciting day to see the horse race on the ice of the lake Sartai. Sartai 2010 is a traditional race of trotter horses. This event has become one of the most spectacular events in Lithuania and is well-known abroad. You will have a chance to enjoy not only the impressive moments of the race, but a traditional fair as well. You will be able to try traditional Lithuanian food and hot beverages to keep you warm. The guests of the fair will be entertained by local music and dance groups.

If you want to experience all this, just take this day trip!



(Prepared according to the publications of Zarasai Region Tourism Information Centre „Sartai“ „Dusetos“ by L.Malcienė and „Kur Mėlynuoja ežerai“)
We are happy to inform you that 11th Omnitel 1000 km race in Palanga, Lithuania will be held on 14-17th July 2010.

Combines sports and business
As a socially responsible company is actively Hanner, looking at the environment, community and business partners. It also takes care of public sports and cultural life. "There are many ways to test themselves - one of them sporting heights. I think that the race to the height of the highest in the Baltic countries, business center, also has a symbolic meaning - you can achieve heights of both business and sport.These two passions in perfect harmony with each other and complement each other ", - states in 2004 and most of its forces tried jogging AB Hanner owner of the Chairman of the Board Arvydas Avulis.

Huge prize pool
Participants compete for huge prize money worth even 55 000 litas. Of this amount, even 42 000 litas be cash prizes. In order to expand the conditions to win, players compete for prize money of individual fans and athletes incl. As well as competitors are established in a variety of additional prizes, each race participant will receive a special event t-shirt.

And amateur athletes will compete separately
Each year, participants assigned to amateur athletes and incl. Each competed, includes a separate prize fund. Athletes - Athletes and active in sports competitions as well as those involved in running the 'Europe' contest 1-5, includes the vast place captured persons. Lovers do not meet the criteria include athlete individuals. If it emerges that, credit the amateur runners took the athlete's person fulfilling the criteria, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the results of this person.

Young and older
During the event, includes amateur players compete in three age groups, men and women, incl. Consequently, the older participants have a real chance to compete for major prizes. Participants can be registered, at least 18 years of age. With him, they must have a personal document and health certificate. The latter may also be available at the event to undergo a medical at here in the medical profession.

Participates firemens  and journalists
In addition to athletes and amateurs, in a separate group, wearing full kit, fire rescue teams compete and the team of journalists from various Lithuanian publications.

Additional event attractions for spectators and participants
Each year, the Capital of Europe 'playground, meeting participants and spectators can follow the ongoing stage entertainment and street dance performances, jumping several meters in height on a special trampoline, climbing wall climbing, and enjoy other entertainment.

On the morning of 26 June, 2010 in the most beautiful place of Lithuania seaside, in Nida, most able ultramarathon runners of Season and Continent will hasten away to the course willing to overcome one of the longest and most complicated event of athletics – distance of 100 km.
This race will happen for the fourth time in Lithuania seaside, but this year there will be several substantial differences. Earlier, runners had to overcome the course between Nida and Būtingė, and this time athletes will compete only in Nida. The start and the finish will be in the section of road Nida – Smiltynė by Nida. During previous race only athletes from Lithuania competed and now, in 2010, this race is going to be Baltic seaside countries region cup and open Championships of Lithuania. Ultramarathon runners from Latvia consider an opportunity to arrange the championships of their country here also.
Organisers are willing, that the shot of the starter will accompany more than 50 runners from more than 10 Europe countries. Interest about the run is shown from Italian, Ukrainian and Japan stayers. Winners will be awarded with grave price bounties.
Best result of running 100 km since 1998 belongs to Tagahiro Sunadai from Japana – 6:13,33h , in Europe – italian Mario Ardemagni – 6:18,24. Among women the fastest in the world yet is Tamoe Abe also from Japan (6:33,11), in Europe – Tatjana Zhirkova from Russia (7:10,32). Results of most preserving Lithuanian runners yet are a little bit modest - Rimas Jakelaitis overcame 100 km in 7:20,42 in year of 1995 and Aušra Kavaliauskienė – in 8:33,46 in year of 2000.
Runners of ultralong distances from Lithuania can brag various world records, in fact in much longer distances. The world record of 1000 miles since 1998 belongs to Petras Silkinas (11+13:54,58) and Rimas Jakelaitis has reached two records earlier - running 2000 km (15+10:16,02) and running 1300 miles (16+00:28,10).
During ultramarathon in Nida there will be organised a brand new event of athletics – show race of running on sand barefoot. For the first time in the world official results will be commited.


Hello everybody, who are running by foot, by eyes or by hands (thanks to keyboard)!

Let us introduce you a welcome new – in 26 June, 2010 we will gather for the fourth time in Nida for Ultramarathon (100km) run. From now it is not only a run – from now it is together Open championship of Lithuania of 100km and Cup of Baltic sea region.

Main innovation of this run – its new status and new route. We hope to attain more than 50 ultramarathon runners from about 15 countries and the whole new route will extend in Nida. One more innovation – solid prize fund.

In the beginning of XIX century famous german scientis Vilhelm Humboldt wrote: “The Curonian Spit is so distinctive, that it is necessary to visit it the same as Italy or Spain if you want to given fascinating views for your sould.”

In the beginning of XXI century we, organisers of the event, say: “It is essential to measure your strength in this unique place, in one of the longest and difficult event of athletics, what is more – during the feast of St.John when humans and nature join.”

The Curonian Spit is included into UNESCO Worlds nature heritage list as one of the most beautiful and unique landscape in Europe. The Curonian Spit is a national park in which informing system is arranged well, so there is no problem to find where on or other object is and description of object is given in several languages.

See you in Nida!

Vilnius from the bird’s flight: "FotoSkrydis"

7th Vilnius Marathon will take place on 11-12 September, 2010
This run is a great opportunity to spend the weekend in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

Picturesque route

Though the course is in the very centre of Vilnius, You will not sense any smell of exhaust gas and You will not experience any other troubles as the Vilnius marathon is probably one of the most greenest marathons, as well as Vilnius, among all other capitals. As the course of marathons extends in both sides of the river Neris – while running You will be able to admire the main historical – architectural monuments of Lithuania ( the Cathedral, the campanile, the Gediminas castle, the Hill of three crosses) and You will also see a modern growing part of the city.


If You will arrive to Vilnius on Saturday, You will not regret as You will be able to participate in a Pasta party, which is absolutely free for marathon and half-marathon runners. Also, You will be able to behold a lot of interesting, entertaining events (sprint with high-heels, high jump, relays) which will take place in the start place of marathon from the very morning. A fair, offering not only sports goods, but also handicrafts will be organized during those two days. What is more, You will have the chance to consult doctors or to do analysis in medicine laboratory for free.


Marathon and half-marathon will take place at the same time. For beginners we suggest the distance of 4,2 km.


Vilnius marathon will take place on 12 September, 2010 ( Sunday ). Zone of start is in the very centre of Vilnius, in the Cathedral square ( Vrublevskio str.). First to start – runners of 4,2 km – 10.00 a.m. Start of Marathon and Half-marathon – 11.00 a.m.

Time Limits

For marathon – 5h 30min.
For half-marathon – 3 h.

Minimal age

Participants older than 18 ( born in 1992 or earlier ) will be allowed to participate in marathon and half-marathon.

After running

Everyone who finishes the course will be awarded with an exceptional commemorative medal. Fruits and refreshments will be offered after finish.

The draw of race numbers

The draw of personal race numbers will take place from 10 September to 12 September, 2010. Participants from other countries will be able to draw their personal race numbers before start on the Marathon day only after informing organisers about their arrival to Vilnius.

Official T-shirts of 2010

Every person registered to marathon and half-marathon will receive an official T-shirt of Vilnius marathon 2010 ( by Adidas). They are for running and made of high quality material and created according to design of Vilnius marathon 2010.


Registration is available 24 hours per day. Active.

The Lithuanian League started as the first proffesional league in Lithuania 15 years ago and has opened a new page in the history of the club basketball.
During this time the league has developed and created a new generation of proffesional players, and a great number of basketball stars. They have and still are making a name for Lithuania and its basketball school throughout the world.
It is great, that the championship gets the attention of the sport fans every year and our strong clubs represent the country in the elite European championships, such as Euroleague, ULEB and FIBA Cups.



Kaunas, Lithuania


Alytus, Lithuania


Klaipeda, Lithuania


Kedainiai, Lithuania






Vilnius, Lithuania


Siauliai, Lithuania





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