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Middle Ages Feast in Trakai


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Middle Ages Feast in Trakai

vid trInternational Knights Tourney of Armed Forces Commander of Lithuania will be held in Trakai Peninsula Castle. “Knights” from Lithuania, the US, Italy, Latvia, Poland, France and other countries will compete for the honourable award.

Festival in Medieval style and Knights Jousting Tourney in Trakai Peninsula Castle is organised by Trakai History Museum and Brethren of Trakai Castle “Messengers of the Middle Ages”. This year the 10th anniversary event will be patroned by Lithuanian Armed Forces Commander Lt. Gen. Valdas Tutkus. It is planned that international tourneys of Lithuanian Armed Forces Commander will take place in Trakai annually.

The tourney held in Trakai, the XIV century capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, is a great chance of revealing old Lithuanian martial traditions for Lithuanians and guests from foreign countries as well as to introduce Lithuanian Armed Forces as it was in the period of the Middle Ages.

“Jousting of Medieval knights is a distinct branch of martial art. Lithuanian Armed Forces stand in guard of the motherland and her history therefore it is natural that we, members of the Guard of Honour of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, appear in the festival in the XIV century armour and weapons. Castles of Trakai Peninsula and Island were residences of Lithuanian monarchs. Vytautas the Great died in one of them in 1430. This particular ruler was not only a legendary general but also a vid tr1diplomat creating modern image of Lithuania of those times. This place is a romantic symbol of charismatic sovereign, powerful state and well-being of its people. The upcoming event will mean more than just Medieval food, matches of the audience and knight jousting. The fact that it will be held in the Castle of Trakai Peninsula signifies that all of us still preserve the spiritual heritage of culture of the Middle Ages,” said Commander of Lithuanian Armed Forces Lt. Gen. V.Tutkus.

Jousting will take place in subgroups until one knight from each will wins his way into the semi-finals. Two strongest participants will test their strength in the finals and the winner will be solemnly awarded with special prize of the Commander of Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Saturday night battle – storm of a wooden castle – will be the climax of the festival. Methods and technologies of assaulting castles used by Lithuanian Armed Forces will be demonstrated when Forces of Lithuanian Grand Duchy will assault knights of the cross hiding within fortification. Shields and tunics of armour of Lithuanian warriors will bear marks with idiosyncratic Lithuanian attributes. Shield and tunic bearing the symbol of the state of Lithuania – columns of Gediminas - of Lithuanian infantryman of XIV century were restored with support of Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Simultaneously with the tourney guests will be able to observe daily life of a Medieval castle. Military camp in the Middle Ages style will be installed, knights will be resting and preparing for jousting, Medieval food will be prepared and arms attended.


vid tr2Project of XIV century Lithuanian warrior armour will be displayed in a Medieval tent throughout the events, guests will be able to try on XIV century helmet and armour shirt, try arch firing, throwing spear, and take part in other kinds of matches, winners will receive prizes.

Festival program will include performances of Medieval dancing and music bands, street artists and various games. Final concert will be held on Saturday evening, festival will end in an impressive and mystical Fire Show and fireworks.

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