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Arts Printing House

Arts Printing House


Arts Printing House or (Menų spaustuvė in Lithuanian) is a unique creative phenomenon in Lithuania, a vibrating performing arts venue and a meeting place for artistic souls. Established in a former printing house dating back to 1805, nowadays it produces a different kind of layouts, typecasts and linotypes – those that help develop a new understanding of creativity within the modern society.
Located in the old town of Vilnius, the premises of the Arts Printing House had previously been used as a printing house for books from 1805 and then converted into a communist printing house for main newspapers of the regime in 1965. After Lithuania gained independence, several performing arts NGOs used the premises for independent arts projects. In 2002 the Arts Printing House was established and a lease contract between Municipality of Vilnius and the newly founded organization was signed. Since then a number of theatrical, contemporary dance, interdisciplinary and educational projects take place in the building annually.

Transforming old into new
While harboring the unique history, at the same time the Arts Printing House strives to bring about change and become the first infrastructural complex for creative industries in Lithuania. It aims to foster creativity and support performing arts NGOs. In other words, our vision is to serve as a matrix-case, which collects different types of independent performing arts projects into one place and is a medium allowing them to share their artistic vision with the audience.
In November 2004 we joined one of the oldest European cultural organizations network, Trans Europe Halles, which unites cultural centres established in non-traditional, often post-industrial spaces.
Currently the premises of the Arts Printing House are undergoing a reconstruction, the main part of which has been funded by EU Structural Funds and Vilnius City Municipality. In the next few years the space of 3800 m2 will open up as a performing arts centre with 2 venues, 4 rehearsal spaces, non-commercial film cinema, offices, resource library, café-club and a guesthouse.




Infoteka is an information resource centre at Menų spaustuvė with a collection of paper and audio books, dvd's, periodicals on arts (with a special emphasis on performing arts) in Lithuanian and English. The core of the collection is made up from the books transfered here from the British Council library; others are given by various non-governmental Lithuanian performing arts organisations.
Infoteka is located on the ground floor, entrance is from Šiltadaržio street. View the map.
Opening hours
Tuesday - 13.00-19.00
Wednesday - 13.00 - 19.00
Thursday - 13.00 - 19.00
Friday - 13.00-19.00
Saturday, Sunday,  Monday - closed

The resources are free to use at Infoteka. If in need to borrow books, videos or dvd‘s home, one needs to register and obtain a reader‘s  card, which costs 20 litas and is valid for 12 months. For registration, a valid ID card or passport should be presented.
black hall

Black Hall is the main stage at Menų spaustuvė. It is a „black-box“ and has a mobile rise for audience seating, which can be folded for standing room only.
Number of seats: 203
Measurements of stage(with the audience seating unfolded):
width 13.7 metres
depth 9.8 m.
height 7 metres.
pocket hall

Pocket Hall is a performance venue at Menų spaustuvė, used for smaller scale performances, conferences, rehearsals and other events.
Number of seats: 60
Width 7.6 metres
Depth 8.5 metres
rehearsal rooms

There are three currently operating rehearsal rooms of different sizes. One of them has a special floor for dance rehearsals, others are more used for theatre rehearsals, workshops and seminars.


Artistic greenhouse

our artistic greenhouse ... and what we cultivate in it

1. Emerging artists. We think their ideas are worth to reach your eyes and ears.

2. A new kind of society nurtured by culture. We believe that the ozone hole can decrease only if most of us are cultured enough.

3. Challenging ideas. There is a thin line between a stupid question and a challenging idea. We go for both.

4. Lithuanian theatre resources at It’s fun and it’s not only for theater nuts.

5. Your creativity. _______________________________. Intentionally left blank. Use your ideas to fill the gap.


Arts Printing House/ Menų spaustuvė
Šiltadaržio skg. 6, Vilnius

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