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siauliu_teatrasOn 23 of September'1931 in "Kapitolijus" Cinema Theater in Siauliai, the curtain of Siauliai Drama Theater (the department of the State Theater then) was raised - "Princess Turandot" by Carlo Gozzi under Borisas Dauguvietis direction was performed.
In 1934, the theater's department in Siauliai was renamed - the North Lithuanian Theater and became independent from Kaunas Drama Theater but it was forced to remove to Klaipeda and returned to Siauliai after German occupation of the port in 1939. During 1934-1939, while Borisas Dauguvietis was working in the theater in Klaipeda, Antanas Sutkus came here, later on - Romualdas Juknevicius, the number of professionals and actors from the State Theater had increased. The North Lithuanian Theater cooperated with northern Latvian theaters, a lot of tours were made through Lithuania: during 1931-1939 there were performed 1095 plays in 53 regions. The guest performance in Kaunas during 13th - 16th of May'1937 were especially successful where one of the most interesting plays - "The Hope" by Heyerman staged by Juknevicius was performed.
The new period at Siauliai Drama Theater began in1960 after the graduates of Acting Mastery Department of the National Conservatoire came here. The vigorous stage-managing development is related with such names as Aurelija Ragauskaite - the director of the theater during 1974-1979, Saulius Varnas - with his creative searching during the period of 1980-1988, Gytis Padegimas's stagecraft during 1988-19? In spite of the theater's tradition linked to realistic scene art as comedy and melodrama, Aurelija Ragauskaite resolutely infused the theater with psychological but very poetic-lyric trends and combined it with constructive elements. In the repertoire of the stage-manager dominated the works by Lithuanian authors. Saulius Varnas turned the" wheel" of the theater to the intellectual dramaturgy and the rational, philosophic, conceptual stage-managing and acting. This stage-manager as if continued the tradition of Juozas Miltinis and Panevezys Drama Theater; anybody can't deny his educational contribution by staging original world dramaturgy. Jonas Jurasas' and Jonas Vaitkus' first performances were staged at Siauliai Drama Theater. Since 1996, the stage-manager Rolandas Atkočiūnas has leaded the theater; young stage-manager Cezaris Graužinis and others tried their skills hereas well. In 1997, graduates of the Music Academy (National Conservatoire) enlarged the group of the theater. At present the Art Director of the theater is its actor Sigitas Jakubauskas.

Address: Tilzes St. 155, Siauliai

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pan6The official date of Panevezys Drama Theater (Juozas Miltinis Drama Theater at present) establishment is thought the 15th of Mart'1940, when " A Silver Valley" by Pogodin staged by Juozas Miltinis was performed. The theater's main body was formed of the participants of the theater lover's troupe, which existed in the Workers' Cultural Palace Club in Kaunas and was established under the initiative of Juozas Miltinis. The first performance staged by Miltinis was naturalistic and ordinary without any artificial acting what was new at Lithuanian Theater's life of that time.
Panevezys Drama Theater became a studio - the laboratory of actors' training and preparation - that was a new and the first phenomenon in Lithuanian stage theater's history. For even thirty years Panevezys Drama Theater was the theater of one leader, who constantly realised his ideas in practice. The main accents in the theater's development were the training of actor's personality - a some kind of "philosophic acrobat" - by putting to practice improvisation elements and searching for modern means of acting; the psychological true and the concentrated attitude to the inner world of a character were of the main importance during the first year of the theater's existence. Panevezys Drama Theater was the beginner in staging the modern plays - the intellectual, philosophic, existential works, the realisation of them was a part of the theater's program.
The development of Panevezys Drama Theater can be devoted to several periods. The first two are linked with the name of Juozas Miltinis: 1940-1954 - the theater's formation and growth period which ended by the forced withdrawal of its leader (at the time the theater was leaded by the actor and stage-manager, the alumni of Miltinis - Vaclovas Blėdis); 1959-1980 - the period of the theater's maturity and general recognition, the best performances staged by Juozas Miltinis appeared at this period and glorified the name of the theater as the experimenting and new-fashioned theater all over the Soviet Union. The philosophic, intellectual theater of Juozas Miltinis with strict form and expressive acting has trained a great number of famous theater and cinema artists.
The third period of the theater is linked with the stage-manager Saulius Varnas' name, since 1988 he has staged the performances here and became its leader in 1993.Varnas didn't break the tradition of his predecessor but enriched it with the original staging decisions full of expressive, surrealistic, playful theatrical and at the same time aesthetic, abstract forms. But in 1996, the stage-manager was forced to leave the theater after an inner reorganisation, Rimantas Teresas- the actor and stage-manager of the theater became its leader.

Address: Laisvės a. 5, Panevezys

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History and foundation
A|CH dance theatre was founded in 2000 by choreographer Anželika Cholina and her sister, the theatre’s current director Greta Cholina, with a mission to make an independent creative process possible. From the beginning the theatre has been dedicated to the creation of original works that celebrate the power of the human imagination and the scope of choreographic skill.During its 9 seasons, A|CH dance theatre has presented to spectators 14 dance performances:
1.      “Songs of women”, set by the songs of Marlene Dietrich, (1998, 2005), choreographer A. Cholina
2.      “Carmen”, by the music of G. Bizet, R. Shchedrin, (1998, 2004),  choreographer A. Cholina
3.       “The house of Bernarda Alba”, based on the play by F.G. Lorca, (2000, 2003), choreographer A. Cholina
4.      “Tango in Fa”, by the music of A. Piazzolla, (2001), choreographer A. Cholina
5.      “Love” by contemporary composers, (2002), choreographer A. Cholina
6.      “Romeo and Juliet” by contemporary composers, (2003), choreographer A. Cholina
7.      “The moonlight”, by the music of F. Schubert, A. Dvořák and Russian gypsy songs, (2004), choreographers Maria Saivosalmi (Finland) and Andrius Katinas
8.      “Bolero”, by the music of M. Ravel, (2004), choreographer A. Cholina
9.      “People:)”, by an arrangement of Lithuanian folk music, (2005), choreographer A. Cholina
10.  “Othello” by contemporary composers, (2006), choreographer A. Cholina
11.   “The fantasy for five elements” by contemporary composers, (2007), choreographer A. Cholina
12.   “About the innocent Erendira” by contemporary composers, (2008), choreographer E. Stundytė
13.   “Donkey Hot”, by the music of L.A. Minkus, (2008), choreographer O. Glushkov (Russia)
14. “ Men and Women”, by the classical ballet music, (2009), choreographer A. Cholina

Choreographer, Anželika Cholina
Anželika Cholina, born in Vilnius in 1970, began choreographing in 1991, while studying at the Moscow Theatre Academy (GITIS). Today, having become during her 18-year career one of the best-known choreographers in Lithuania, she continues her artistic work creating performances for the most prestigious stages in the country.  A. Cholina was awarded the Kristoforas National Theatre Award for her choreography of the ballet performance “Medea” staged at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre (1996), and recently received the “Golden stage cross” Theatre award for the dance performance “Othello” (2006).The pupils of Vilnius Ballet School and Munich dance academy with great success presented A. Cholina’s choreographic miniatures at the international ballet competitions in Lausanne, Varna, Moscow, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Stockholm, Munich and Helsinki. During her choreographic carrier she has produced 5 one act ballets, more than 50 choreographic miniatures and 12 dance performances. One of the latest works of Anželika Cholina – dance performance “The coast of women” (originally “Songs of women”, set to the songs of Marlene Dietrich), opened in August 2008 at E. Vachtangov Theatre, Moscow.

A|CH today

A|CH dance theatre today is the biggest dance theatre in Lithuania, with its privileged position earned through artistic merit. The theatre tours nationally, as well as internationally, having traveled to Hungary, China, Great Britain, Latvia, Poland, Russia, and Denmark in previous years. Under the inspired direction of choreographer Anželika Cholina, the theatre is recognized for its passionate, intelligent, visually stunning dance performances, which are a mix of ballet, modern dances and drama. A|CH dance theatre is also giving opportunities to talented choreographers to realize their creative ideas through working with A|CH troupe: the latest cooperation in this field happened in the spring of 2008, when the theatre invited a choreographer from Russia, Oleg Glushkov, docent of Moscow Theatre Academy. For A|CH he created an original dance performance “Donkey hot” based on the novel “Don Quixote” by M. de Cervantes, with music by L.A. Minkus.The company has had a profound influence on other dance theatres and individual choreographic works, as most of their founders/creators were or are the students of Anželika Cholina – since 1998 she leads the actors-dancers group in the Acting Department of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre .

Theatre’s troupe
The theatre doesn’t have a fixed troupe. For each performance A|CH theatre chooses the artists according to the requirements of the performance. The core of the theatre’s troupe comprises 20 artists – students of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and ballet artists from the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre.


Address: I. Šimulionio 4-103, LT-04331, Vilnius

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Kaunas State Musical Theatre is a national budgetary institution committed to organizing the creation of scenic works for musical theatre and assuring their public performance.
The theatre operates as an institution founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

The theatre palace on the central street of Kaunas was built in 1892. The original neo-renaissance building has been altered by several exterior and interior since reconstructions. The interior of the auditorium, designed by famous Lithuanian architect V. Dubeneckis in 1925, is of special value. It combines two tendencies in the art of the period; the Lithuanian pattern of tulips and lilies and European Art Deco, which was popular at the time. The auditorium seats up to 500 spectators.
Chief Conductor Julius Geniusas, Production Designer Janina Malinauskaite and General Manager/Artistic Director Gintas Zilys.
Lithuanian professional drama (1920), opera (1920) and ballet (1925) companies started in the present Theatre Palace. More than 80 performances were staged up to the Second World War.
When the Opera Theatre moved to Vilnius, the capital, in 1948, the Theatre Palace housed the Kaunas State Music Theatre, which had started operating on 27th November 1940. The latter company has been the only one in Lithuania producing operetta and showing the best works of the genre to its audience since the Soviet period. But when the Opera Theatre moved to Vilnius and left Kaunas, which used to be the cradle of professional Lithuanian opera without any opera, Kaunas Music Theatre sought to enrich its repertoire with this most important genre of the music stage.
Today Kaunas Music Theatre is the second largest theatre in Lithuania. Its repertoire includes all musical stage genres. Local people and visitors can see the most popular operas by Mozart, Gounod, Verdi, Puccini, Donizetti and von Flotow, operettas by J. Strauss, Lehar, Offenbach, Kalman, Abraham, and musicals by Loewe, Leigh and Bernstein. The theatre also arranges concerts.
The company is proud of its soloists, who have won international vocal competitions.
The company stages more than 200 performances and 3-4 premiéres annually, shown from September to June.
Kaunas Musical Theatre co-operates successfully with foreign artists. The theatre repertoire has benefited from the works of a number of German, Austrian, and Hungarian stage masters.
In recent years, Kaunas State Music Theatre has enjoyed the attention of an appreciative public.


Address: Laisves aleja 91, LT-3000 Kaunas

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Raganiukes Theatre (The Little Witch Theatre) for children was founded in 1995 in the center of the Old Town in Vilnius. It's a relatively young theater, but it already has its admirers among kids and their parents.
The main hero of the theater is the kind Little Witch. Kids love her and her friends - fairy-tales characters from all over the world. Actors dressed like fairy-tales heroes often play with children before the beginning of performances and during intermissions. Theater maintains warm and friendly relationships with the audience and provides opportunity for the kids to be in touch with fairy-tales character and believe in miracles.
The repertoires of the Little Witch Theatre include performances for pre-school and primary-school-aged children from 3 to 10 years old. The productions are based on works of world-famous authors, such as Alexander Dumas, Alan Alexander Milne, George Sand, Astrid Lingdren, Antony Pogorelsky and others. Kids especially appreciate performances "The new adventures of Piff", "Karlson and the Little One", "Winnie-the-Pooh", "Three musketeers". The theater has the biggest repertoire in Lithuania dedicated to little children. In some performances acrobats and jugglers participate, which is especially interesting for the little spectators.
The seating hall holds 200 seats; the stage is equipped with theatrical illumination system, which allows producing amazing light effects during the shows. Some performances are specially produced so that the kids and their parents can participate in the action along with the actors ("Theater Box of Tricks", "Meadow of the Blue Clover"). They develop children's imagination, apprehension and creative skills.

The Little Witch Theater is a very cozy place, where talented people are inspired with idea to make all the children coming to the performances happy.

„The Little Witch Theater's“ aim is to show professional, high quality and different genres performaces for children under thirteen. There is few especially original performances- games which help to develope child's fantasy and imagination, open gates to magical theater's world as they involve children and their parents to the creation of the show proccess. What is more, theater attends many projects. Performances are created by directors and actors from Lithuania and foreign countries. „The Little Witch Theater“ is very appreciated by Lithuanian children. Children and their parents come to the theater from different places in Lithuania every weekend. Every day spent at „The Little Witch Theater“ is like a little adventure as the Little Witch and her friends, characters from world's fairytales, can be seen not just on the stage but also playing with children in the foyer of the theater. Simple day becomes a miracle because of communication between the audience and the characters.


Address: S.Stanevičiaus g. 24, Vilnius

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Half-day tour to Trakai

Trakai (4 hours tour) is one of the oldest Grand Duchy of Lithuania residence and capitals. Trakai is the second capital of Lithuania.

Tour to Kernave

Kernave village (4 hours tour) located on the banks of the river Neris (35 km from Vilnius) has been known as the capital of Lithuania before Trakai and Vilnius. 

Country life museum in Rumsiskes

Country life Open Air Museum of Lithuania (6 hours tour) is a unique and one of the largest (195 ha) open-air ethnographic museums in Europe.

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