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Get ready to embark on a magnificent journey across time and experience 700 years of city’s history in 15 minutes! “Telia Vilnius History Nonmuseum” is a unique visual experience, created using cutting-edge technology of multilayer visuals and video projections. The tour is brought to you by Lithuania’s leading historians and artists, who joined forces to recreate some of the fundamental moments in history that shaped Vilnius as we know it today. With the help of modern technologies and visual arts, we invite you to experience the legends, the battles, the victories, the glory and the tragedies, the architectural masterpieces and some of the most intriguing secrets of Vilnius in the unique “Telia Vilnius History Nonmuseum”. Take a hot air balloon trip over the most beautiful places of Lithuania with the help of the VR headset technology.

Experience a breath-taking magic carpet ride over the streets of Vilnius.

A must-see when visiting Vilnius!

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Museum located in 16th mentury building at the Town Hall Square in the Old Town of Kaunas, Lithuania. It moved to its current location in 1987. Collection is made up of personal items of doctors and pharmacists, Lithuanian hospital and pharmacy establishments, medical implements, documents and etc.

Pharmacy history exposition – the exhibition shows nineteenth mentury end – twentieth century Lithuanian town pharmacy. At that time there were a few pharmacy rooms: officina, coctoria, stock room of medicinal materials, a laboratory, a cellar.

Officina -  has been used as sale-room and reception room for customers. The shelves of officinas are full of old drugs, medicine, nursing and hygiene measures.

Coctoria – has beenused as room, where pharmacists used to produce infusions and decoctions, to wash and dry dishes, to distil water.

Materialia – has been used as room for keeping reserves of various raw materials including poisonous and violently acting stuff.

Laboratory – has been used to produce patent medcines and other products such as aromatic waters, oils, tablets and etc.



Opening hours – II-VI 10.00am-17.00pm.

Address - Rotušės a. 28, LT-44279, Kaunas.

Admission charges:

Adults – 3Lt

Students and pupils – 1,50Lt

Guided tour – 25Lt


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Railway museum of Lithuania was opened in 1966. Museum introduces the visitors to the history and present of the Lithuanian railways. It‘s located on the second floor of the Vilnius railway station, which was built in 1861. Authentic exhibits and models are on display in the museum halls: signs of luggage porters, authentic shelves from diesel train D1, an old ticket safe and etc. Also, there are photos of first railway in Lithuania. There are three parts of the museum: information, cultural, educational. The exhibition is arranged according to travel, railway signaling, road construction, builder and workers, communications themes. Museum offers tour for groups and special programs for children and students: film shows, cultural evenings, book presentations, competitions.


Opening hours: II-V 9.00 am.-17.00pm.; VI 9.00 am.- 16.00pm.

Address: Geležinkelio g. 16, LT-01047, Vilnius.

Admission charges:

Adults – 4Lt;

Students/pupils – 2Lt;

Excursion – 30Lt;

Groups ( more than 5 person) - 15Lt;


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Museum of the geology of Lithuania reflects the development of nature. Museum was opened for training and education. The aims of Museum are to collect, research, restore geological materials and present them to the public from Lithuania and foreign communities. There are  1136 cores in the collection, that are removed from the depth of more than 2 km. They are kept in a mechanized reservoir in Vievis. It is the main source of information. There are also kept the archives of Lithuanian geologists. There are 7 expositions in the museum: field boulder exposition, polished boulder exposition, the memorial exhibition of Juozas Dalinkevičius (1893-1980), exposition of the minerals of Lithuania, exposition about the rocks that are forming at the present, Žukelis` paleontological exposition, J. Lisauskas` collection of rare minerals

Field boulder exposition:

Among the trees, near the two water ponds there are paths for visitors. To the paths there are 552 boulders from various locations of Lithuania. These are descendants of the continental ice formation after 20-12 thousand years.The glaciers drag boulders from Scandinavian countries, the Baltic sea and other places.

Polished boulder exposition:

This exposition completes the field boulder exposition and introduces acquains visitors with minerals that are forming boulders and the conditions of the formation of the Earth‘s crust. There are also photos of the biggest Lithuanian boulders, a schematic map of ice spreading in Northern Europe.

The memorial exhibition of Juozas Dalinkevičius (1893-1980)

J. Dalinkevičius is the Lithuanian geologist school promoter, academician, professor. In exposition there is a table with small details, student‘s cap, geological hammer, photos and ther personal items of J. Dalinkevičius. There is very interesting thunderbolt and ammonites collection from the chalk and Jurrasic age rocks.

Žukelis` paleontological exposition

There are 195 fossils, that visitor can see from Žukelis collection. Exposition reflects the evolution of life on Earth from the Paleozoic to Cenezoic.


Opening hours – I – V 8.00am.-16.00pm.

Address - Taikos g. 2, LT-21371, Vievis, Elektrėnų savivaldybė.

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Lithuanian Sports Museum was opened in 1993, to introduce the visitors to the history of Lithuanian sport since its origins until the present time. The exposition contains more than 6000 exponents. A lot of gifts were given by famous atletes and veterans of sport. The most popular sport branch in Lithuania – basketball – occupies the most of the museum area. There are also exponents from another sport branches, such as football, handball, swimming and etc.


Opening hours: II – VI 10.00 am.- 17.00 pm.

Address: Muziejaus g. 7, 9, LT-44279, Kaunas.





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Half-day tour to Trakai

Trakai (4 hours tour) is one of the oldest Grand Duchy of Lithuania residence and capitals. Trakai is the second capital of Lithuania.

Tour to Kernave

Kernave village (4 hours tour) located on the banks of the river Neris (35 km from Vilnius) has been known as the capital of Lithuania before Trakai and Vilnius. 

Country life museum in Rumsiskes

Country life Open Air Museum of Lithuania (6 hours tour) is a unique and one of the largest (195 ha) open-air ethnographic museums in Europe.

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