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Page 11 - We value the opinions of our clients

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Hi Vaida
I write to express our appreciation for the wonderful trip organised by you for the last week.
Because of your excellent arrangements, we were able to see some of Lithuania and Latvia which was a great experience for us. Our guide, Simonas was excellent and gave us a good insight into the history (particularly Jewish history). He went out of his way to make sure we got to see everything worthwhile and did a lot of research beforehand about places like Zagare which was the main reason this trip was organised in the first place.
It was good for me to see the village where my grandparents spent the first part of their lives before emigrating to South Africa under very difficult circumstances.
Sandra and I were quite surprised about the size of the cities - in particular Vilnius and Riga which were wonderful cities.
Thanks again for making all the arrangements for us so we could enjoy such a smooth trip.
Unfortunately we must now head home via London and we hope to return some time in the future to see more of the Baltic countries.
Thank you
Harold Zev
Date of Posting: 25 June 2010
Posted By: Harold Zev

Dear Vaida,

Sorry that we haven't responded to your e-mail promptly. We had many things to do when we returned home. We would be happy to send you some photographs. Are you looking for anything specific? Let me know and we will e-mail them to you.

We had a wonderful time with Loreta. She was very knowledgeable and really gave us a thorough background on all the Baltic countries. Even though this was not her typical itinerary, she was always ready to give 100% and she made our trip very enjoyable. Our visits to the national parks allowed us to see the beauty of the countrysides of each country which added to our enjoyment of our trip. She encouraged us to try all the wonderful traditional dishes of the three countries so that we could learn about them.

Thank you for helping us to make this trip go very smoothly. The hotels you recommended were always in the center of the tourist areas we wanted to explore. We would not hesitate to recommend your company and Loreta's services to any friends or relatives who might be considering a trip to the Baltics.

We were so happy with this arrangement, that we were wondering if you knew of any Scandinavian companies who specialize in custom trips such as the one we took with you.

Best regards,
Penny and Andrew Siegel
Date of Posting: 25 June 2010
Posted By: Penny and Andrew Siegel
Hi Justinas,

Virginia, myself, Laura and Ann have made it back safely to our respective homes in Ohio and Pennsylvania in America, and we are already missing Lithuania. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever expect to have the opportunity to visit our heritage and the homeland of our ancestors, especially given the Soviet times of our growing up period. Yet, we did visit the homeland, we toured the entire country, we found our heritage, and we have great memories and photos to share for a lifetime. I hope you appreciate how special the services you provide are… you are more than just a “travel agency”… you are an opportunity to explore a country and to connect with relatives.
I have spoken with Virginia, Laura and Ann, so what is included in this email are comments from all of us.
First, we have no serious complaints. We loved the tour, we loved Loreta, and we loved just about everything else connected with our “Lithuania Experience.” However, you have asked for feedback, and since anything can be improved, these are our comments. We hope you will find them useful.
The women were really looking forward to the Mineral Baths in Druskininkai. We would suggest that in future tours, the travelers would be given the option of arriving in Druskininkai in time to enjoy some of the spa activities in lieu of visiting the Grutos Parkas. I know the ladies in our group would have rather had the relaxing time in the Mineral Baths at Druskininkai instead of the Stalin/Lenin museum.
It would have been nice to have some guidance on tipping our tour guide (Loreta). We thought she was very knowledgeable, and certainly went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to helping to identify our ancestors. She has a very unique gift of talent in this regard. We really loved just being with her (even given her “dry” sense of humor by America standards), and we would be very honored if she ever visited America again – I can tell you for sure that she would have a no-cost place to stay at our houses in Ohio or Pennsylvania… it would be our pleasure, and we have told her so.
I took over 600 pictures on the trip. I promised to send Loreta some, which I will. If you want some as well, I am happy to send – just let me know.
Justinas, thank you again for a wonderful experience. All in all, we could have not asked for a better visit, or better arrangements from a travel agency. Please feel free to use me as an excellent reference for your agency. You may also use any of my comments or the pictures I will send to you in your promotional efforts.

With kind regards,


Date of Posting: 04 June 2010
Posted By: Gary Hyman

Dear Ms Vaida,

thank you very much for your email. On behalf of my friends and of myself I wish to confirm that we really enjoyed the few days we could spend in your great country. This not only because Vilnius and the other places we could see are really of great interest and very impressing but also because of the ground arrangments perfectly provided by your company. I wish to especially point out that we very much enjoyed the company of Ms Vilija Gerulaitien?, who is very competent and speaks an excellent German. Would you please express once again our sincere thanks to her. Mr Arvydas has carefully driven our small group through your lovely country.

We will without any doubt recommend your company and your country to our interested friends.

Sincerely yours,
Helmuth Bruneder
Date of Posting: 23 May 2010
Posted By: Helmuth Bruneder
Dear Vaida,

We had a wonderful visit to Lithuania! We were extremely satisfied with our guide, Loreta, who was very professional and very pleasant. She certainly put forth her best efforts in trying to find information regarding my husband's side of the family - stopped at farms and inquired if anyone was familiar with the family names.
My sister in law loved the Curonian Spit and spent some time picking rocks at the shore (when she wasn't shopping). My highlight was visiting with relatives that I only discovered a year or so ago. It was very moving to visit the church that my grandmother was baptized in, the cemetery where her parents and siblings are buried, the church my great grandparents married in, and visiting the village they lived in - looking at the same fields they must have worked and seen every day. I enjoyed Rumsiskes greatly - we visited there before the area that my family came from and it helped me visualize what their lifestyle was like.
We were very happy with the tour and would highly recommend our guide and your company to anyone planning a similar trip. I must say that touring with our own guide made the vacation so much more enjoyable and meaningful to us. We've been talking about doing this for several years and had held back as we did not want to do a trip with a group of 48 people on a bus - this was so much nicer and more personal!
I'm sending you a few pictures from our trip. It's hard to decide what to select, there were so many wonderful memories - I took 800 pictures. The most special stops for me were the villages that my grandparents came from and meeting cousins that I just discovered last year. Stakiai wa especially memorable - I saw the fields and farms that my grandmother must have seen every day - it was very emotional for me.
I've recommended your company to several people that are in my genealogy group and are planning trips to Lithuania in 2011. I was very pleased with everything and want to thank you for putting together an excellent package.

Sandra Abramovich

Date of Posting: 18 May 2010
Posted By: Sandra Abramovich

Like to thank u and your team for hosting us at the weekend. Our team enjoyed the match and the food and singing afterwards. I think the best team won, unfortunately we had probably drunk too much alcohol before the game,

Frank was very pleased with his scarf !
Date of Posting: 14 May 2010
Posted By: Rugby team from England

Hi Vaida,

the trip to Paparciai was wonderful and thank you and Justin so much for making all our arrangements work out so perfectly. We are in the planning process for our July activities and we'll get right back to you on the quotes as soon as we know our scheduled travels.

All the best,
Dr. Betty Morgan, Associate Professor
Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Date of Posting: 31 January 2010
Posted By: Dr. Betty Morgan
Dear Justinas,
We want to thank you and all the other wonderful people from Visit Lithuania ,especially Marija, Tautvydas and Loreta, that helped make our trip to Lithuania just perfect. I also want to thank you retrieving our late arriving luggage from the airport as we really appreciated having at the hotel early the next morning. Our hotel in Vilnius was in a great location as it was just steps from all the sidewalk cafes in the old town, the Cathedral, the University and of course the Amber shop that Marija bought us to. We also enjoyed your change to our itinerary which included a stop at museum of Antanas Juska , it was just wonderful. Again I would like to thank you for everything and we hope to visit again soon. I would like to apologies for not writing sooner.
Don Simmermon

Date of Posting: 25 January 2010
Posted By: Don Simmermon

Dear Justin and Team,

thanks for your and your collegues personal support in Vilnius as well. It was a great pleasure for us to work with you and your team together.
It was really good to have find you and Visit Lithuania Travel Agency.

So also for us the time in Vilnius was a very amazing time.
(Especially, when you broke the traffic rules .......:)

Next time we will be in Vilnius or you will be in Germany we have to drink a glas of wine, together.
So please do not hesitate to contact us if you will be once in Germany. It would be a pleasure for us to meet you again.

Warmest regards
Anita Baschant

lab concepts
Das Laboratorium für Konzeption und Realisation in Politik, Bildung, Kultur GmbH Am Hofgarten 18
53113 Bonn
Date of Posting: 16 December 2009
Posted By: Anita Baschant

It has been several months since my sister Mary and I took Visit Lithuania's “Lithuanian Experience” tour. I have delayed sending this testimonial because I wanted to be able to tell you about how our tour guide set in motion a series of events that ended last month with us finding our family in Lithuania. We are thrilled!

As I mentioned in my email below, the “Lithuanian Experience” tour and the service your company provided exceeded our expectations. We had researched Lithuania beforehand and chose your tour because it visited the top cultural and historical sites we wanted to see and included personal experiences we would not have been able to obtain on our own, such as in Dzukija National Park. We really enjoyed the Skamba Skamba Kankliai festival in Vilnius at the end of our tour. Timing the tour dates to coincide with cultural events is an another advantage of your tours. The hotels and meals were all very good and the van we toured in was comfortable, and the airport transfers were very convenient. One thing we especially appreciated was the flexibility of „Visit Lithuania“ and the personal attention you gave us. We were able to change our plans, while we were on the tour, for the extra days we stayed in Lithuania following the tour (you canceled the rental car and the hotel in Panevezys and arranged for us to remain at our hotel in Vilnius),. There's not very many travel companies that would let you modify your travel arrangements on such short notice.
Date of Posting: 25 November 2009
Posted By: Susan Provenzano

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