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Anupriškės entertainment park

Anupriškės entertainment park


A new resort area has opened this summer. Here you will find a variety of entertainment to choose, interesting things to do, fresh air in the pinewood and a good mood.

Recreation and entertainment park “Anupriskes” is settled near Gilušis Lake in Trakai region, surrounded by the forest. This is a perfect place where you could take a rest, eat delicious food and escape from routine but also have fun and spend a great time here. You could celebrate your own or collective festivals in “Anupriskes”.


Open all week I-VII from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. The last visitors are allowed at 7:30 p.m.


Adventure park is made from 9 courses:

Yellow course.

It is a training course for children and beginners. This course is an excellent warming-up before a serious challenge. The first 25 meters long flight is waiting at the end of Yellow course. An average height here is 2-3 meters. Children from 1,10 meter height and over are allowed.

Orange course.

An interesting obstacle course begins here which requires more strength and concentration from everyone. In the middle of this course you have an ability to feel like a spider crawling on its net. After this obstacle you will have a rest while moving in the carriage to another stop of the course. You will enjoy a 35 meters long flight in the end. An average height is 2-4 meters. Children from 1,10 meter height and over are allowed.

Green course.

This course is for those who want to feel like real climbers. You have to begin this course like climbing up the mountain and it is just the beginning... You will have to overcome not only a vertical net, which requires endurance and strength but also a tunnel and other obstacles, which require concentration and efforts. You will enjoy 45 meters long fly at the end. An average height is 2-5 meters. Children from 1,10 meter height and over are allowed.


The best choice for those who want to relax and enjoy the beauty of the forest is a 220 meters long flight. The speed is amazing while flying across the valley and you will feel the wind around.

Blue course.

Try this course to feel light pressure in your body. From the first steps on the ladders you certainly want to check your safety belts and carbines to assure that they are fastened firmly. Tarzan’s jump is the biggest challenge in this course. Everyone here will stop and concentrate for a while. It is a great opportunity to prove yourself your strength and to feel like a real Tarzan. You have to climb up a leaning net after a few great obstacles. But this time it is not a dreamy Tarzan jump but a real challenge for you. You will climb up the net above. You will indulge in a wonderful 80 meters long flight at the end of this course. Be attentive! The end of the flight is very unexpected!!! An average height is 3-7 meters. People from 1,40 meter height and over are allowed.

anupRed course.

It is a double course - good to go in pairs. All obstacles are adapted for two people and stated in parallel with each other. There is a stop in the middle of this course where people have to turn to different directions. People who like extreme situations and taking a risk, will choose the direction that ends by a wonderful 200 meters long flight. Another direction that is also very interesting and requires a lot of power ends by 180 meters long flight. Two people could fly at the same time and the meeting in air is really impressive. Both flights go across the valley and you will reach the area of more serious and complicated obstacles. An average height is 3-9 meters. People from 1,40 meters height and over are allowed.

Purple course.

This course lets you come back to the previous area on the hill. But this course requires patient and concentration because it is full of various interesting and hard obstacles. There is “Monkey Bridge” that leads you up the hill at the end of the course. Everybody has an ability to feel weightless and be happy feeling the earth under feet at the end of “Monkey Bridge”. An average height is 3-9 meters. People of 1,40 meters height and over are allowed.

Black course.

If you feel tired and do not have enough strength to go, it will be better to postpone this course for the next time. But it is your choice so if you want to prove yourself that you are strong and brave we recommend you this course. You will find obstacles such as an acrobat and a trapeze here. There is no way to come back at the end of the course but everybody wants to reach ground. Do you manage to do Great Tarzan jump? Do you have enough strength and resolution? All answers come just after trying this course. An average height is 6-10 meters. People are allowed from age 16 and up.

Spider man.

The course “Spider man” is NEW in Lithuania! Do you want to persuade yourself that you are brave? Do you think that safety belts are absolutely unnecessary for you to finish the course? Go ahead! This course is exactly for you. It is a valiant course that makes your legs shaking because all obstacles are crossed without safety belts. Only the a will protect you! An average height is 3-9 meters.

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