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Free flight simulator - Vertical Wind Tunnel in Vilnius. It breaks the laws of gravity and allows you to fly with the help of the newest technologies! Experience an incredible thrill of gravity free flight.
An airborne person, not tied by any ropes or parachutes – that is FLYING in the most direct meaning of the word. The strong air flow in the wind tunnel allows you to lay on it and glide in the air. By changing the position of the body, the laws of aerodynamics will allow you to fly up, perform the most varying movements, acrobatics, and feel unbelievable emotions. Free Fall Flight Simulator in Vilnius – it is a unique entertainment for those seeking new emotions, for companies of friends, families, corporate events, as well as the place for training sessions of professional athletes.

You think that you cannot simply arrive and fly? Yes, you can! In order to fly, you don’t need previous experiences – we will fully equip and prepare you for the flight.

Every Saturday all year round from 12 am

  • 12.00 The Beginning of the Manor day: speech and oath of the General Governor, raising of the flag.
  • 12.30 Short show of the Baron's trotters.
  • 12.40 An educational tour with the Baroness in the main building of Pakruojis Manor.
  • 13.30 Scary meetings in the Manor feudal Punishment Cellar.
  • 14.00 From Devil to Steel: an educational programme in the smithy.
  • 14.30 Parfum world discoveries in the laboratory of the parfumier Jaque.
  • 15.00 An educational program of the life of a bee and a short lesson of candle making together with the Manor bee-keeper
  • 15.30 Performance of shadows for kids ,,The Fox and the wolf“ (by V. Pietaris „The Fox and the wolf friendship“).
  • 16.00 Local homemade beer tasting with the Manor brewer Žaldokas
  • 16.30 Educational tour with Baron in the main building of the Pakruojis Manor
  • 17.00 An educational program of the life of a bee and a short lesson of candle making together with the Manor bee-keeper
  • Pride of the manor: “From Bach to Piazzola”, a performance by the Pakruojis manor chamber musicians in the White Hall

“Medieval Emissaries” offers untraditional entertainment for all sorts of conferences, seminars, company events, public or family celebrations.

Being the leaders of Lithuanian historical reconstruction movement and having the oldest fakir show group in Lithuania, we have accumulated a lot of experience in the fields of shows and event organizing. Therefore, we can offer you a wide range of services. 





Welcome to the Indian village Vinetu the world!

Anyone who wanted a moment to move the Wild West and become a true prairie Indians now have the unique opportunity to realize their dreams.

"Vinetu Village invites you to visit the North American Indian village, where you can see and stay authentic, colorful letters, decorated with Indian Tipi tents, where he lived in the Great Plains Indians. Bed Tipyje memorable romance tip, in addition to burning scrap, spreading evenly, and heat than one bait, which is forced to discontinue išsipilymo dream, this is one of mystical places Vinetu Village.

You will have the opportunity to see the richness of Indian culture, Indian access to everyday items, clothing, costumes, musical instruments, different types of weapons and all the practice test.Vinetu Village is for all lovers of an active and fun to spend time with family, friends, or to inspire creative ideas and to improve relations with employees at a company party.

There will be a surprise both children and adults. Children will be able to transform himself into a genuine prairie Indians hunt with Native American weapons, as well as adult To return to my childhood and colorful with tears in her eyes dreamy youth to remember the times when playing Indians of Maya Charles, Dž.F.Kuperio, Lizelotės Velskopf and other writers' characters. He came to us, your dreams will come true, you will find yourself in the Wild West, and fun to spend time to supplement their knowledge of Indian culture baggage, ceremonies, you will have the chance to try their hand at competitions, which were designed to prepare Indian youth for adult life.

Water lovers can select entertainment canoeing or baidre various tourist routes Žemaitija rivers. To check your accuracy and your friend's eye, and their accuracy can shooting of Native American weapons to various targets.After active rest you can relax and share the ancient wisdom nuostabiom istorijom the heater, Native American Inipi bath, sauna Inipi with all rituals, Indians called the soul or the birth of a second seven souls sweat bath with healing properties and energetic power and promoted these days.

We also have developed cognitive-entertainment programs on Indian history, culture, customs, wisdom, shamanism, the value of love of mother earth, nature, animals that surround us, as well as a magical dance ritual significance. This knowledge will allow a more general knowledge of Indian culture, feel their spirit and their meaning in modern life.




Bareboat charter
You won’t find better holidays than to sail yacht by yourself and choose your own route. We have an excellent coast – the Curonian Lagoon, Nida, Minge, Sventoji. People, who have more time, may visit other ports of the Baltic Sea.
When you rent a yacht without a captain (skipper), you need only one crew member, who is qualified to sail a yacht.  We accept most of the well-known European and International qualifications, e.g. RYA/MCA, IYT etc.
Skippered Charter
Sailing skills are not necessary for those, who want to sail. A wish is enough. We invite to sail with our skippers. You will feel at home in our comfortable yachts. Sailing  yachts is exclusive – you will also be as a crew member with all his rights and obligations. It would spice up your holiday.
Racing chater
Several interesting and very different sport boat regattas are arranged in the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon. We invite you to join professionals and to experience sporting ardor.
List of regattas may be found on the website – choose the date and we will tell you more about the race.
Race entry fee is from 261 Lt.
The price per person includes                                         The price does not include:
(there should be minimum 5 crew members):
Place on a yacht                                                               Regatta participant’s fee
Professional skipper                                                         Personal insurance
Safety devices equipment                                                 Provisions
Safety and regatta race instructions                                  Fuel
Port taxes
Racing sails
Corporate charter
Team work is very important on the yacht. We believe that when you will return to your offices after such trainings, you will better know each other much better.
We have prepared a special one day trip for team building. It can be customized to meet your individual needs.
Leisure sailing
You can:
  • Celebrate bachelor party and become sea dog
  • Celebrate hen-party and capture a man’s heart
  • Celebrate wedding and be blessed by the captain
  • Spend romantic time as a couple
We can offer pre-planned and convenient trips for one day, two days or for a longer periods of time. We would like to emphasize that it is very easy to sail in our latitude – winds are predictive here, there are no tides.
Our yachts sail from Klaipeda and Nida. All Lithuanian and the Baltic ports can be reached.
Our yachts

Jeanneau Sun Oddysey 36i (3 yachts)
These boats are specially assembled according to our company’s order, they allow our clients to sail in the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic sea safely.
Boats are of A class and provided with all necessary equipment and navigation systems, GPS plotter. 12 persons may safely sail during daytime, 8 persons can comfortably stay overnight. Galley, WC, inside and outside shower let you feel comfortably for one day, for one week or for a longer period of time.
On board you will find:
  • 3 separate cabins
  • 1 saloon
  • Cabin heaters
  • CD player with speakers in the cockpit
  • Galley equipment, sink, gas cooker, refrigerator, hot water
  • 355 liter water and 200 litre fuel tanks
  • Batteries for electricity supply
  • WC with a shower
  • Additional shower in the cockpit
  • Autopilot and the main navigation instruments (speed, depth, wind speed and direction and etc)
  • Plotter
  • Electric anchor winch
  • Life vests and safety lines
  • Flares
  • GPS and e-charts, paper chart of the Baltic sea and the Curonian Lagoon.
  • Sprayhood
  • Crockery, cutlery pots, toilet paper, white bedding.
For additional payment:
  • Gennaker (additional sail designed for sailing downwind)
  • Inflatable dinghy with an outboard engine
  • Wet weather gear (waterproofs) “Helly Hansen”
Technical characteristic:
  • Berths - 8
  • Cabins - 3
  • Length – 10,94 m
  • Waterline length – 9,84 m
  • Beam – 3,59 m
  • Draught – 1,47 m
  • Displacement – 5700 kg
  • Fuel (diesel) capacity – 130 l
  • Water capacity – 355 l
  • Engine power – 29 HP
  • Mainsail – 30,7 m²
  • Genoa – 33 m²
  • Spinnaker – 90 m²
Jeanneau Sun Oddysey 409 (2 yachts)
They are very comfortable yachts of 40,9 feet in length. This type of yachts was recognized as “Yacht of the year” in 2011.  Yacht cockpit is very spacious and practical both for sailing and for the rest. Helm is mounted so that
helmsman could easily steer alone; all lines are brought to the cockpit. These yachts are bigger than 36i and are more comfortable.
There are 3 double berth cabins and a double bed in the saloon.  8 persons can comfortably stay overnight here. 12 persons can sail during daytime. The boat is of CE A class, which means “All water”, in other words it is supplied with all the equipment necessary in any waters of the world.
On board you will find:
  • 3 separate cabins
  • 1 saloon
  • Cabin heaters
  • CD player with speakers in the cockpit
  • Galley equipment, sink, gas cooker, refrigerator, hot water
  • 330 liter water and 130 litre fuel tanks
  • Batteries for electricity supply
  • WC with a shower
  • Microwave oven
  • Additional shower in the cockpit
  • Autopilot and the main navigation instruments(speed, depth, wind speed and direction and etc)
  • Plotter
  • AIS system (Automatic Identification System)
  • Electric anchor winch
  • Life vests and safety lines
  • Life-raft
  • Flares
  • GPS and e-charts, paper chart of the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon.
  • Sprayhood
  • Cockpit enclosure
  • Crockery, cutlery, pots, toilet paper and bedding.
For additional payment:
  • Gennaker (additional sail designed for sailing downwind)
  • Inflatable dinghy with an outboard engine
  • Wet weather gear (waterproofs) “Helly Hansen”
Technical characteristics:
  • Berths - 8
  • Cabins - 3
  • Length – 12,34 m
  • Waterline length – 11,98 m
  • Beam – 3,99 m
  • Draught – 2,10 m
  • Displacement – 7450 kg
  • Fuel (diesel) capacity – 200 l
  • Water capacity – 330 l
  • Engine power – 40 HP
  • Mainsail – 42 m²
  • Genoa – 35 m²
  • Spinnaker – 120 m²
remigum_academiaThe rowing club ACADEMIA REMIGUM — is a rowing school for all enthusiasts. 
Our workout rooms are not only adapted to rowers; the most modern workout facilities (CONCEPT2, CYBEX) are also available. 
We invite anybody who wants to improve their physical fitness and health to stay with us and enjoy some exercise and rest from home. We will help you forget all your concerns. 

Visitors may also indulge in a sauna or steam bath.
Rowing lessons are not only aimed at the younger generation; people of all ages are welcome. Many rowing enthusiasts from around the world only took up this sport at the age of 40, 50, or 60! 

Our rowing programs are specially adapted for people who have no experience with racing boats. 
Individual training (1 h.)Price (Lt)
Introduction and first practice 
(For all beginners)
80 Lt/person
Rowing with a coach 2x, including inventory 70 (70 Lt/person)
Rowing with a coach 4x, including inventory 200 (50 Lt/person)
Rowing with a coach 8+, including inventory 320 (40 Lt/person)
Rental of boats and oars (1 h per person) Price Lt
Training boats 1x, 2x, 4x+, 4+, 8+ 30
Racing boats “Filippi” 1x, 2x 60
Rowing club membership 1 month 300
Rowing club membership 1 year 2200

For participants of the rowing program lockers and showers are for free.

Price of a membership Lt.
For one time 25* 
Month 200*
3 months 500*
6 months 1000*
One year 1800*
Weekends and holidays (1 month) 100*

* Rowers get 30 per cent discount.
Workout facilities, lockers, showers, and bathhouse are included into price.

HomeOne of the most aristocratic ways to spend leisure time is horse riding.

In the former stables of Petesha estate we tried to bring back to life not only its authentic environment but to keep the spirit of the old times as well. Authentic buildings of the stables and estate environment are a place for those who are interested in historic Lithuanian estates as well as a place to actively spend free time.

We offer a unique branch of entertainment - horse riding. You will not find airless riding halls where you could ride only in a circle. We offer horse riding round the year and only outdoors. Well trained horses are available both for those riding for the first time and for those who do it for a hobby. Riding in the beautiful surroundings of the estate will provide you with unique moments, nature and active free time will make you feel refreshed and full of energy.



Estate of Petesha is located in the southern part of Vilnius. It is surrounded by a beautiful forest of Petesha which is intersected by the highway Vilnius – Lyda. The spring of Petesha runs down the forest. It is ponded up and in the pond you can fish or enjoy the swimming.

In the historical sources Petesha was mentioned in 1498.

Palivarkas of Petesha was mentioned in the 17th century. Architectural style of the estate buildings bears features of classicism. Estate of Petesha belonged and was managed by famous noble families such as Gornostajai (Jonas Gornostajus, the vaivada of Minsk), Kapellechai (Aloizas Kapellechas, professor of Vilnius University), and Horainai. In 19th and 20th centuries Petesha became the property of the Vankovičiai. The last owner of the estate Stanislovas Vankovičius died in 1937. He was buried in the family grave in the cemetery of Rudamina. Today Petesha estate is enclosed in the list of protected objects of the Department of Lithuanian Cultural Values. Once luxurious mansion of Petesha is impressive any time of the year. The estate is constantly visited by local and foreign tourists.

Snowmobile Safari ride is great fun, exciting and lots of fresh air. You will have instructions and after will be the Safari tour.

An instructor will lead you during the tour and hot drinks and meals are provided on request Tours are organized all over Lithuania and we have permanent routes 60 km from Vilnius which takes you through snowy beautiful national parks, crossing frozen lakes and rivers, climb hilly terrain, through open picturesque landscapes and forest areas.

With Yamaha Venture 700 !

GPS: N54°35'56.89" E24°32'04.74"


Keturračių safario ir sniego motociklų galerija


Try Nordic Walking, as a great fitness workout for people who are looking for a fun physical activity and maximum health benefits combined with convenience in the open air!

Nordic Walking Style presents this new fitness form and wishes to enjoy physical activity at the same time admiring the beauty of Neringa. Nordic Walking with special poles will make your holiday time full of new emotions.

Price:10 EUR for one lesson.


Wind, sand, waves and speed - enjoy all these beach sailing pleasures blokarting on Bigfoot tyres in beaches of Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia at any season.
You are welcome to take Blokarting lessons, blokart by yourself and even compete with the others!
Mostly we sail on an unused asphalt airfield in Nida, in the autumn/spring time on the Baltic sea beach and during the winter - on the ICE, of course!
Our qualified instructors will show you how simple is to handle a blokart. After a few minutes you will be able to manoeuvre the blokart by yourself and will chase the wind with a smile over all your face!

Half-day tour to Trakai

Trakai (4 hours tour) is one of the oldest Grand Duchy of Lithuania residence and capitals. Trakai is the second capital of Lithuania.

Tour to Kernave

Kernave village (4 hours tour) located on the banks of the river Neris (35 km from Vilnius) has been known as the capital of Lithuania before Trakai and Vilnius. 

Country life museum in Rumsiskes

Country life Open Air Museum of Lithuania (6 hours tour) is a unique and one of the largest (195 ha) open-air ethnographic museums in Europe.

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    Fly & Lease of campers in the Baltic.

    Camper on the road

    Take a tour and discover Baltics by yourself!

    You will be able to travel comfortably throughout Baltic Sates in our campers, as passengers really may feel themselves like home and take any necessary stuff with them, even their most loved cup for coffee.
    A virtue of motor homes is the possibility to be in the cabin in all companionship while going from place to place.
    Moreover, you will be free as you will be independent from hotels and every evening you will be able to spend in any place you wish!

    Prepaid individual transfer :

    no trouble with money exchange upon arrival,
    no need to take care oftaxi search,
    no language problems !

    The driver will wait for you at arrival hall with your name on the card, will help you with luggage and will safely transfer you to agreed place.
    Please fill in the Transfer Reservation and we will contact you within 24 business hours with confirmation

    KIA CARNIVAL  25 EUR (max 5 persons)                                                
    MERCEDES-BENZ VIANO  35 EUR (max 7 persons)

    per car only!