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Ilzenberg manor

Ilzenberg manor

The Ilzenberg manor was founded in 1515 by Berndt Kerssenbrock, a vassal of the Order of Livonia. He owned 615 ha of land and 2,234 ha of land with peasants. Historical documentation of the port of Riga suggests that the Ilzenberg Manor was engaged in economic activities even back then. B.Kerssenbrock, through the port of Riga, traded grains, butter, tar, spices, and other farming products. 

There is anything known about the Ilzenberg manor's first landlord, German noblemen Kerssenbrocks. However, there is evidence that the manor’s infrastructure, in essence, was not different from estates typical for Livonia and Northeast Lithuania of those days, which consisted of a dwelling house (palace) and outbuildings: stables, stack yard, barn, smokehouse, shed, icehouse, creamery, and bathhouse.

During the period of 1863-1896, the Ilzenberg manor was managed by Fuchs. He rebuilt the manor, which remained virtually unchanged to this day.


Ilzenberg Manor area is not just a park and the manor. People are living here year-round, besides, the first and the largest in the Baltic countries Ilzenberg Manor Farm is operating here in compliance with biodynamic farming principles.

The goal of the “Ilzenbergas” Farm  – to become a model of the community-supported biodynamic farm throughout Europe.

The priority of the “Ilzenbergas” Farm  – to produce healthy, natural, lovingly grown food both to be consumed by the farm itself and supplied directly to a client.

Foods grown in such a farm will be primarily different by the absence of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, or other additives: in fertilization using manure, mulch, natural rot, and silage. Secondly, the products differ in their composition: they will contain no preservatives, artificial colours, flavour enhancers, substitutes, or any other additives used for food sold in retails chains. Third, this food is energetic, man-produced with love and devotion.




Half-day tour to Trakai

Trakai (4 hours tour) is one of the oldest Grand Duchy of Lithuania residence and capitals. Trakai is the second capital of Lithuania.

Tour to Kernave

Kernave village (4 hours tour) located on the banks of the river Neris (35 km from Vilnius) has been known as the capital of Lithuania before Trakai and Vilnius. 

Country life museum in Rumsiskes

Country life Open Air Museum of Lithuania (6 hours tour) is a unique and one of the largest (195 ha) open-air ethnographic museums in Europe.

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Vilnius is a great place for pleasant strolls. It is green, full of cultural diversity and cozily compact. So compact, that in just a few dozen steps from the gallery, you find yourself in a park, followed by a baroque church, and off to the castle after a cup at the local cafe. Thus, in a short time you get to not just see, but also hear, touch, taste and tune into the soul of the city.

Is it just us, or are you already planning a weekend trip?

Get to know Vilnius from within.

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