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Countryside (rural) tourism has become extremely popular in recent years. Far from all Lithuanians rush for holidays at the Baltic Sea or to a foreign country – many of them stay here to spend their holidays in a countryside tourism homestead – in their favourite one or different every time. Such homesteads are usually situated near water – lakes or rivers, and the owners have a variety of fun to offer to their guests, from sauna or outdoor bath barrel in which even the hardest frost is not to be feared (and just think of the romance floating in the air under a starry night sky!) to basketball or volleyball courts, bikes, boats or canoes. You will not have to kill time there.

If you wish to learn how skilful Lithuanians are, visit our craftsmen, most of whom are self-taught in the craft. They will gladly demonstrate their crafts and even teach you. And more to that, they will sell you the items you like.

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The hotel-restaurant Šturmų Švyturys, situated on the shore of the Curonian Lagoon near Ventės Ragas, attracts people not only because of its nostalgic architecture of Little Lithuania, original room interiors and unique cuisine, but also because of its atmosphere and space, which presents unrepeatable experiences in any season of the year. Those who appreciate tranquillity always come back.


Situated on the shore of the lagoon, the hotel boasts its architecture reflecting the spirit of Little Lithuania in the XIX century.Renovated and adapted to modern needs, the hotel stands out for its unique interiors and marvellous views of the lagoon and Kintai village through the windows. Currently, there are 11 guest rooms in the hotel: 2 suites, 3 quadruple rooms, 1 triple room and 5 double rooms. There is a secure parking lot by the hotel.There are no two similar rooms in the Šturmų Švyturys hotel. All of them, just like fish, are individual and have their own character. There are no numbers, and each room bears the name of a fish found in the Curonian Lagoon.

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At any time of the year, we can offer you different things that will help you to feel the exceptional abundance of pleasures provided by the nature of the seacoast.Bicycles will give you a feeling of freedom and allow you to freely see the sights around Šturmų Švyturys, to discover peace on the seacoast, to turn into small settlements nearby and to feel the pleasure of motion.Canoes will give you an opportunity to escape into the water and find something out of the ordinary: the wind, the water, and the space.

 sturmu svyturys sturmu svyturys 2


The restaurant, located in the harbour, and the hotel form a cosy architectural ensemble reflecting the old spirit of Little Lithuania.The interior and furnishing of the restaurant creates an impression of simplicity, cosiness and originality.There are no unnecessaries preventing you from enjoying the peace and unique tastes of the food or overwhelming the homelike crackling sounds of the fire in the fireplace and the surrounding silence.This is the only fresh fish restaurant in Lithuania where you won’t find a traditional menu. Fishermen set sail into the lagoon every day, and what you eat today depends on the Maumas of the lagoon and fishermen’s luck. The catch of each day is placed on ice and you can choose a fish for the restaurant’s cook to prepare right before your eyes and bake in the fireplace. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste our magic fish soup - the spell of fire and special sauce will help to fulfil your most secret wishes… Near the restaurant, there’s a cosy terrace with wooden plank beds, so whole enjoying our food and beverages, you can observe what’s happening on the other side of the lagoon – how the sun descends into the dead dunes, how the lights of the Curonian Spit turn on in the evening, and how all the constellations light up over your head at night.

Listen, you can hear the fish whispering…

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In ranch “BRAZYLIJA” are installed complexes for indoor, outdoor and sports events. It’s banquet and seminar rooms, an terrace for outdoor events, garden furniture – grill house, fireplace, swim place with small bridge, steam room, hot tub, yoga and meditation hut, plenty of rest and sit places.
Active leisure enthusiasts will be able to try their strength in modern basketball, beach volleyball, football fields, tennis courts. In ranch “Brazylija” is Russian billiard and table tennis tables. You can play darts and other family games.


We pride ourselves in having built a modern, comfortable and cosy mansion!

You are kindly invited to visit it, to try out our kitchen, have a rest and have some fun. There is a spacious conference room hosting up to 70 people. We cater for weddings, family parties, corporate retreats and private dining. All bedrooms are spacious and comfortable each equipped with a TV set and air conditioned. The mansion hosts a café, bar, bowling, a pool table, outside playing-fields, sauna and wireless internet. We offer a lot of entertainment for our guests.

Every day we work for you!

Ezereliu 8, Luokesa, Moletai, Lithuania

The coordinates: 55° 12′ 22.37″, 25° 23′ 3

Dzūkija is famous for its lakes and warm people. Spanless forests and clear lakes, healthy pineforest air and plentitude of natural resources attract people of various tastes.
If you are a romantic, desiring to watch sunrises and sunsets, to go boating on a lake, to have a walk in a forest, if you enjoy picking berries or mushrooms and appreciate comfort, “Nakcižibis” is just the right place for you. Those who like extreme sports, speed and facing challenges are also welcome here.
Modern lodges surrounded by wild nature will refresh your soul and help you escape from everyday routine.
Located on the banks of the impressive lake Lavysas (Varėna region), the homestead “Nakcižibis” offers you serenity, peace and exclusive comfort throughout the year. If you enjoy views of the lake waking up after a long winter` sleep or indulge yourself in the pleasures of water, sun and forest, come to our place and celebrate the most important feasts of your life. We can promise that you and your guests will never forget the moments spent here.
People spend far too much time at work. Any manager of a company or institution, concerned about future perspectives, is aware of how important it is to have a friendly, devoted and professional team. The homestead “Nakcižibis” will be the best solution as we can offer a restaurant for up to 80 persons. For those who wish to have workshops, conferences or banquets in unconventional surroundings, we can offer the most up to date equipment and accommodation.
For your unforgettable moments, we are offering 2 deluxe apartments with fireplaces and romantic canopy beds. The rooms have also been thought to meet the needs of the newlyweds or romantic couples.
The main building contains four double, three triple (two-storey) bedrooms and one three-bedroom apartment equipped for six people. An additional bed is available upon request.
If you bring your cook and service personnel, they will enjoy our modern and convenient kitchen.
After enjoying an excellent dinner, guests can make the best of our steam bath or Jacuzzi facilities, located in the same building and with incredible views onto the lake.
We did not forget people who like intimacy. If you are looking to celebrate the important events of your life or if, as a group of friends, you wish to come and spend romantic moments with your partner, you can choose a guest house with four double bedrooms, sitting room, fireplace, terrace and a Japanese bath. Three cosy lodges are located on the banks of the pond, each with sitting room with fireplace, fully furnished terrace .All the lodges offer a wonderful views onto the lake.
All accommodations offer a fully equipped mini-kitchen, WC, shower, underfloor heating hair dryer, TV set and terrace access.
In additioon, we have developed an option for romantic people with limited budget. You can rent a lodge with Lithuanian bath and premises for celebration and accommodation for up to 14 people. After spending a night on a mattress made of natural herbs, you will certainly remember these unique moments, for a very long time.
For maximum convenience of our guests we’ve built a bridge to the lake and sports grounds (beach volleyball) and parking lots. We offer for rental grills, boats, bicycles and quadracycles for you to discover wonderful places and breathtaking forest roads.
If you still think this is not enough, we can arrange canoe trekking, organize canoeing actions along the rivers Ula and Merkys or sightseeing trips around the picturesque vicinities. Excursions to Druskininkai Aqua Park are also available on request.
Take a chance and spend unforgettable moments in beautiful surroundings in the unspoilt nature. We are convinced you will love it. We thrive in welcoming our guests again and again as loyal guests are the best reward for all the efforts we put into turning your stay into a dream vacation or business opportunity.


Restaurant/Conference hall

The main building offers a banquet hall for up to 80 persons. The banquet facilities are equipped with modern equipment for a well-run banquet, conference or workshop.  The kitchen equipment will satisfy the strictest requirements and every need of a professional team of cooks.


1st hour: 70 €

2nd hour: 55 €

Every subsequent hour: 45 €

12 hours: - 350 €

24 hours: - 580 €

Steam bath/Jacuzzi

Our guests can relax in our steam bath and Jacuzzi facilities. Relax and enjoy beautiful lake-view. Price:

1 hour - 45 € (10 persons) + LTL 4 € for every extra person

2 hours - 40 € (10 persons) + LTL 3 € for every extra person

3 hours - 30 € (10 persons) + LTL 5 € for every extra person

1 hour/person (for a group of over 4 persons)- LTL 15 €




Sauna can be found in a separate lodge located on the banks of the lake. 14 beds offering the perfect rest to 14 people.  The lodge also comprehends a fireplace and a kitchen.
1 hour -45 € (10 persons) + LTL 5 € for every extra person
2 hours - 35 € (10 persons) + LTL 4 € for every extra person
3 hours - 30 € (10 persons) + LTL 3 € for every extra person
1 hour/person (for a group of over 4 persons)- LTL 8 €
1 full day- 350 €

The price of the entire homestead

Every day: 2750€ /full day + 2 hours in a steam bath and Jacuzzi + 2 hours of sauna

Canoe rent

We offer canoe trips along the rivers of Ula and Merkys or sightseeing excursions around the vicinities.
Canoe rent price:
5 € / hour
20 € /full day

Quadracycle (2 seats)  rent:1st hour: 60 €
2nd hour: 45 €
3rd hour: 35 €



Other services

We also offer a boat quay, beach volleyball grounds, parking area, 

boats, bicycles, grills. Excursions to Druskininkai Aqua Park- on request. For more information or services please make us a call. Extra beds available (15 € / day) 

Open all year round!

dsc_3466In an idyllic country environment there is a homestead VILAITĖ surrounded by forest and picturesque views.

VILAITĖ is located only 24km from the Kaunas. It is a quiet and remote place unique in the natural blend of a spectacular landscape. The territory of homestead is about 5 hectare and it is designed for guests. Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association awarded our homestead with three storks.

The homestead consists of a dwelling-house with banquet hall for 50 persons, fully-equipped kitchen, 2 showers, 4 WC, sauna.

VILAITĖ provides quality service for everyone: those who are willing to celebrate, those who wish productive work, and those who are looking for a peaceful place to relax. We will make sure that everyone gets a doze of positive energy and an opportunity to relax and leave the concerns behind.

Additionally, VILAITĖ offers many other recreational activities: for instance, the opportunity to enjoy adventure - reference trip “Vilaitė Race”. For those interested in modern sports, we suggest playing in basketball, football or volleyball fields. Of course there are some water activities. Homestead guests can go fishing and just enjoy the nature; go swimming in the large pond of the homestead. And that's not all! You can go to the sauna or hot tub.

Enjoy your holidays in harmony with nature!








Villa Terra Resort is a peaceful hideaway, haven of nature, crafted from wood, built up on the 2,85 km hectare land on the shores of two beautiful lakes connected by a stream. It is a natural peninsula on the hill. Previously there was a village homestead located. Here, your pleasure and privacy are as respected as the environment. Houses have wonderful panoramic lakeviews. There is a good road access to the Resort in all seasons.

Just rest and spend pleasurable time with friends or family in a spacious Resort.  Peacefulless, impressive landscape and a well maintained environment are the features that distinguish Villa Terra Resort from others. 

Events and weddings

Resort's breathtaking lakefronts locations enable us to arrange truly special events, from private dinners, sauna on the beach, celebrations to superbly run and decorated weddings for 2 –
40 guests. 

Large area, paths and modern lightening, well planned resting and gathering areas makes it very attractive for events. The houses, arbors, a pond and two lake beaches, waterfall and chimney at the beach, footbridges on the lakes' shores, boat piers, sauna, kids playing field and swings, terrace for parties, stone cellar and stone altar - all that suits for special Guests‘ needs. 


Villa Terra Resort is minutes away from Molėtai and 70 (75) km away from the breathtaking capital city of Vilnius. and Vilnius International Airport. Molėtai is a city in north eastern Lithuania. One of the oldest settlements in Lithuania, it is a popular resort for the inhabitants of Vilnius. 

Nearby Cities and Attractions

Molėtai - the city has Molėtai Astronomical Observatory, the only such facility in Lithuania, holds several cultural buildings and surrounded by a number of beautiful lakes.
Vilnius - capital of Lithuania and European Capital of Culture 2009, offering elegant European architecture and more.
Europe Golf Club - offering a professional 18 hole golf course.


Countryside cuisine is an integral part of Villa Terra Resort experience. It's kitchen can offer Lithuanian culinary traditions and locally ecological grown products. Guests of Villa Terra Resort would get a home made breakfast. Every house has a sun terrase where you may enjoy lunch or dinner made on request during the summer. Guests' can order variaty of meat as well as a fish from the Resorts lakes from the Grill in advance.

Every house has a kitchen and a grill which can be used any time by the Guests for cooking. Relax and enjoy the finest aromas reaching you from the Grill or Outside kitchen. All products can be supplied from the nearest shop or a big shopping center wich is just 15 km away.


On site: outside kithen cooking, sauna, batmenton, basketball,  boatride, fishing and underwater fishing, skiing in winter time.Nearby: cultural tour.Internet, TV and DVD is available. 

Meetings and Business

Villa Terra resort offers a multifunctional hall with a capacity of up to 40 people, located in the Big Villa for your business or entertainment needs. The room is well lit by natural day light and provides a beautiful view of the lake. It also has a chimney to create a wonderful feeling in off season.

11401432 1585533928367785 8264715164593178036 nThe Radailiai Estate is located in a picturesque place near a large pond, just 7 km away from Klaipėda. It is a remarkable recess of nature with old breath-taking oak-trees, a large pond and charming promenades. You will find a relief for your soul in the Radailiai bathhouse complex where you can admire the starry sky in a hot tub. Also, you can hold sports contests on the nearby basketball, football and volleyball courts, and even play paintball with your friends. We welcome you to recover your strength in the Radailiai Estate restaurant, where the food is superb, the service is admirable, and the captivating scenery outside the large windows compels you to forget the hardships of daily life, while the cozy hotel tempts you to stay even longer..




radailiu dvaras laukasrestoranas radailiu dvaras2

vasaros sale 2


           6titdvivietis web

"Vienkiemis" homestead is a great resort for families with children, business clients, tourist groups, and individual visitors.

In summer, we can accommodate up to 80 visitors in the homestead.

At any time of the year, "Vienkiemis" offers its visitors excellent, modern-style double hotel rooms.Cozy, dressed in reed hats resort lodges, located a little further on Akmena river bank, will ensure your privacy and peace. Spending the night here, in the evenings you will have an opportunity to hear singing nightingales wafting from the river while in the mornings to wake up by piping of the first in the dawn birds and roosters. Just make a wish, and you will be able, like in a secluded village, to run out barefoot on the dewy morning grass, to wander through the meadows, to glance at the distant fields...

For those who wish to spend a night as if in an old mansion, we indeed offer you such an opportunity – we’ll invite you to the most luxurious rooms, fitted in romantic style of an ancient rural mansion. You can see varying landscapes through each window – as if a new picture over again in an outstanding green mosaic surrounding the homestead.Our exclusive offer is accommodation in an authentic 165-year-old granary where two rooms are equipped. Everything here will remind you of past times – a gentle creak of opening doors, walls made of real logs, embroidered pillows, a petroleum-lamp over the ceiling, vivid rugs along the dirt floor as if reminding our grandmothers hand-knitting them on long winter evenings...

Also a nearby museum of ancient utensils will let you project for a while back into the past of Lithuanian countryside.So, our guests can choose accommodation not only according to their own needs and financial capabilities, but also according to their mood! Homestead "Vienkiemis" offers:

Standard double rooms        12
Apartments                            3
Family apartment                   1
Small rest houses                   2
Large rest houses                  4
Youth rest house                   1
Barn                                       2



"Vienkiemis" homestead, for a long time well-known for its saunas, invites those who love a good steam to try 4 saunas: Lithuanian, Russian, Turkish, and Japanese (bath tub) where even the fussiest customer can find recreation for body and soul.

Or, maybe, you would like to try all the saunas? These infinite sources of pleasant sensations and promotion of health always will be waiting for you in "Vienkiemis"homestead!



The rural tourism homestead Marguoliai is situated on the shore of Lake Krasnolis in the village of Marguoliai, Giedraičiai Sub-district, Molėtai District. The resort is easily accessible all year round due to excellent geographical location (55 km away from Vilnius, and 100 km from Kaunas) and a convenient access road (500 m away from the asphalt road). A large territory of the grange with an area of approximately 5 hectares provides an excellent possibility to have a great time with a big company as well as to find a nice corner for the lovers of peaceful rest.

The homestead resort consists of log cabins with shingle roofs, which are in perfect harmony with the hilly and wonderful nature landscape, however equipped and adapted for rest by the lovers of modern comfort.

The homestead resort is open all year round. Here, basketball, volley-ball, football, badminton, children’s playgrounds are available. In rainy weather you may play ping-pong, billiards, darts and different table games. It is possible to pick up berries, mushrooms, also to fish and to boat. During the winter you can enjoy ice hockey, sledging and ice-fishing.

You can be sure that your and your friends’ holidays, recreation with a family or friends, company trainings, conferences and workshops will leave you with the most wonderful memories.

A large territory, a scenic relief, nurtured landscape, well planned recreation and social gathering areas make the homestead attractive for the organization of different events. You can be sure that your birthday, family holiday, company anniversary, conference or any other event will pass smoothly and leave indelible impressions.

The hall of the recreation centre may host up to 50 persons. A big number of homestead buildings allow organizing work in groups. The sports grounds provide with the possibility to organize different types of leisure in fresh air. During the warm season accommodation may be provided up to 50 persons or up to 100 persons may be hosted without accommodation.

At request all necessary facilities - video, audio equipment, also multimedia - may be supplied for an event. Upon prior arrangement guests may be may be picked up at the airport or any other place and taken directly to Marguoliai homestead. In addition catering may be offered upon prior order.

After an intensive work we suggest sauna for relaxation, or outdoor entertainment offered at the homestead resort.

dalgedu sodyba 1 1300x900

Dalgedai cottage welcomes guests with hospitality offering comfort for those who seek to escape from a stressful city life style, need rest or look for active free time.

Surrounded by Aukstadvaris regional park forests and lakes Vilkoksnis Lake stretches calmly in Zuklijai village, Trakai district (Lithuania). Its winding coast is decorated with peninsulas, an island and a bay with a quite intriguing name Koja (Leg).They say, that once devil Pinciukas had dipped in his leg there. But that’s not the only mystery that attracts people. After visiting the nearby Zuklijai mound one can be aware of its true to life legends and stories and the beauty of the place.

Dalgedai cottage is nested on the coast of the Vilkoksnis Lake, a nice place where one can enjoy an unclutted atmosphere and gain energy any time of the year.

At the beginning the development of country tourism was focused on the natural environment. As the time went by the development of variety of services became predominant. Dalgedai cottage can meet the requirements of the most squeamish guests and a variety of services can make your stay even more enjoyable.

A newly constructed log houses offers accommodation with every convenience for a couple or a family. There is a special hall adapted to every occasion, be it a wedding or any family celebration. The cottage has space for 60 guests. They are provided with all the necessary kitchen equipment if they prefer to cook themselves, but there is cafe to take away any of your household burdens.

We invite you to an ethnographic room at Dalgedų homestead where you will find traditional stove for bread baking and collected ancient household utensils. We teach to separate the grains for the homemade bread baking at the traditional stove for bread baking, as well as we tell the story about bread baking from the sowing to the dough mixing and placing it into the stove, bread baking traditions, manners, show ancient household utensils, which were used for rye grinding, harvesting and threshing, you will be allowed to form the loaves of bread yourselves. After the educational lesson, anyone will be able to pick up own formed and baked loaf of bread.


a dalged sodyba duonos mergvakaris 1 1  47610866  dalgedu sodyba 3 1300x900

The guests are offered a variety of services to enjoy. There is a national Lithuanian bathhouse built of logs and a looming pond close by, where guests can have good time just splashing in the water after a hot bath. It is known that water has got the most effective natural healing power. There are footbridges, benches, summerhouses, erected on the lake coast. Children can have fun on the play grounds and there are bonfire places for campers. A lovely footbridge leads to an arbour for barbeque lovers. In winter the guests are invited to admire the scenery while skiing or go skating on a frozen pond. Those who enjoy water sports can go boating, water cycling, which is proving to be very popular. Or you can take a bicycle and have a nice ride over the hills or through the forests. There is a special outdoor facility with a football ground, basketball and volleyball courts for sports fans.

If you wish to relax, admire beautiful natural environment or enjoy active free time, Daugedai cottage is a place with unlimited possibilities.

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Half-day tour to Trakai

Trakai (4 hours tour) is one of the oldest Grand Duchy of Lithuania residence and capitals. Trakai is the second capital of Lithuania.

Tour to Kernave

Kernave village (4 hours tour) located on the banks of the river Neris (35 km from Vilnius) has been known as the capital of Lithuania before Trakai and Vilnius. 

Country life museum in Rumsiskes

Country life Open Air Museum of Lithuania (6 hours tour) is a unique and one of the largest (195 ha) open-air ethnographic museums in Europe.

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    Fly & Lease of campers in the Baltic.

    Camper on the road

    Take a tour and discover Baltics by yourself!

    You will be able to travel comfortably throughout Baltic Sates in our campers, as passengers really may feel themselves like home and take any necessary stuff with them, even their most loved cup for coffee.
    A virtue of motor homes is the possibility to be in the cabin in all companionship while going from place to place.
    Moreover, you will be free as you will be independent from hotels and every evening you will be able to spend in any place you wish!

    Prepaid individual transfer :

    no trouble with money exchange upon arrival,
    no need to take care oftaxi search,
    no language problems !

    The driver will wait for you at arrival hall with your name on the card, will help you with luggage and will safely transfer you to agreed place.
    Please fill in the Transfer Reservation and we will contact you within 24 business hours with confirmation

    KIA CARNIVAL  25 EUR (max 5 persons)                                                
    MERCEDES-BENZ VIANO  35 EUR (max 7 persons)

    per car only!